Steeda Oil Separator Focus ST 2013-2014

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  • Reduces Oil In Intake System
  • Reduces Deposits On Valves
  • Better Engine Component Life
  • Easy Installation
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Steeda Oil Separator for 2013-2014 Focus STs.

Steeda's oil separator kit helps catch any oil that has made it past the PCV valve. Excess crankcase pressure, or blow-by, is vented from the crankcase through the PCV system. This pressure is then drawn into the intake manifold and returned to the engine. Turbocharged cars, such as the Focus ST, often draw excessive amounts of oil into the engine through the PCV system.

The Steeda oil separator plugs into the PCV hose between the PCV valve and the intake manifold. This removes aerated oil from the recirculated air and collects it in a tube that can be drained and recycled. Simply drain the tube when full or at each oil change.

Steeda Oil Separator Features and Benefits:
- Reduces detonation, oil burning and deposits on the valves
- Increased engine component life
- Includes all necessary mounting hardware
- Easy installation with basic hand tools

Add a Steeda oil separator to your 2013-2014 Focus ST to reduce detonation, oil burning and deposits on the valves by removing oil drawn through the PCV system. It is essential to keep oil from contaminating the intake charge through the turbocharger. Excessive oil in the intake can cause damage and loss of power. Even a low mileage vehicle can have excessive blow-by when a turbocharger is used. As you drive harder and make more boost, more oil will filter back into the intake. All required installation hardware is included in the oil separator kit. Steeda's oil separator kit will help extend your Focus ST's engine life and reduce excessive oil entering the engine and exiting the exhaust.

Order this upgraded Steeda (555-3714) Oil Separator for your 2013-2014 Focus ST today from CJ Pony Parts!

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

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Note: This item is not CARB (California Air Resource Board) exempt and is not legal for sale or use in the state of California.

Installation Difficulty


Novice skill is required for this installation.

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

Today, I'm going to show you how to install a Steeda Oil Separator on your Focus ST. You might be wondering what the oil separator does, well it's going to install into your PCV system.

The PCV is an emission system designed to take gases from your crank case and recirculate them back through your engine. In most cases this is actually a good emissions device and doesn't cause any problems. The harder you drive your car though, the more boost you make, the more chance of oil coming back through the PCV, which going through your intake, could actually damage your engine.

The oil separator will allow the gases to pass through, and that's going to catch the oil which could protect your motor. Steeda includes air being necessary to install the oil separator on to your Focus ST. It comes with the rubber hoses, all your fittings, hose clamps as well as a cylinder. The cylinder has a filter inside and also is a relief valve with the bottom making it easier to drain.

For this installation you need a 3/8 ratchet, extension, 15mm socket, 10mm socket, T30 Torx bit, 1/4" ratchet, 8mm socket, 14mm wrench and hose cutters.

The oil separator's going to install in the PCV hose just located here behind our intake. If you're still running a stock intake it's a two-piece design you can separate the tube here and take it out and be able to reach it. In case of our solid intake it's a little harder to get to, we don't really want to remove our intake so we're going to pop off the cap that way we can get to it from behind.

To remove the cowl we're going to start by removing our wipers and as one bolt underneath these covers here another bolt on the end and the whole cowl will come off. Pull the rubber cap off first, we want to flip the wiper up, kind of shimmy it a little bit to get it off.

Next we'll remove the outer screws on both sides, now remove these plastic covers on both sides, see the last two bolts underneath. There's only a couple clips that hold it in now so you can carefully remove it. You're going to remove the factory hose, once you remove the factory hose you want to cut it right here before the curve, discard the smaller piece, now we'll assemble the oil separator with a wrangle fitting for one side and a straight fitting for the other.

They are plastic so you don't want to get them too tight just make sure they're snug. The short hose will go on the right angle side over here, the longer one goes on the straight fitting. I’m going to put a hose clamp on this side over here and put the straight fitting in and we're ready to test fit it on our car.

We'll start by reinstalling our cut factory tube on our intake. You want to put the last hose clamp loosely on this hose before you install it on the car. Connect the side with the 90 degree and put the whole hose down below this and connect it to your valve cover. Now that it's in place we can tighten that up. Now this hose will loop around here and connect there on top to our factory hose.

That completes the installation of the oil separator itself, now we can reinstall our cowl. Installation is finished. As you can see the Steeda Oil Separator is a fairly simple installation that can save you costly engine repair bills in the future. Installation should only take you around half an hour to be back on the road in no time.

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