F-150 Raptor Tire Pressure Sensor Components

Ford Raptor TPMS

F-150 Raptor Tire Pressure Sensor Components

Ford Raptor TPMS
As a driver, safety and performance are the two most essential features in any vehicle. Make sure your ride is safe and performing great with SVT Raptor Tire Bands and SVT Raptor Tire Sensors from CJ Pony Parts. Our online catalog is the perfect place to find sensors and bands, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, our experienced and professional Ford Raptor experts can assist in your search. Give us a call, and we’ll help you find the right SVT Raptor Tire Sensors that will keep you driving no matter where you’re headed. From tire bands that hold tire pressure monitors in place to Valve Stem Style tire pressure monitors, we have everything you need.
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Tire Pressure Sensor Components

Valve Stem Style Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor

CJ Pony Parts offers a big selection of wheel and tire options, and if your wheels and tires aren’t installed with tire pressure sensors, it can cause a warning light on your dashboard. So make sure you have functional tire pressure sensors to keep you safe and sound.

If you just purchased brand new aftermarket wheels for your F-150, it might also be time to replace missing, damaged, or outdated tire pressure sensors. These sensors are solid choice, a direct replacement for the valve stem sensor from the factory. Once you install them, you’ll be able to monitor your tire pressure in real-time knowing how much PSI is in each of your tires any time you want.

Set of Four Valve Stem Style Tire Pressure Monitor Sensors

Have four new wheels and tires for your sweet ride? Then you may want a new set of sensors as a direct replacement for factory valve stem sensors. Sold as a set of four, these monitors don’t require a tire pressure band.

Find the Best Ford Raptor Tire Bands and Ford Raptor Tire Sensors at CJ Pony Parts

If you need new tire bands or sensors for your F-150 Ford Raptor, we have everything you need at CJ Pony Parts. We’re a one stop shop for all your wheel and tire needs, and we’re always more than happy to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.