Fog Light Kit Installation

1965-1968 Mustangs


1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
2. Remove the standard grille and install a GT grille.
3. Assemble fog lamp bars to horse & corral and mount them to the grille.
4. Install fog lamps to saddles in bars.
5. Hook up wires to bulbs and install. Route the wires through grille and headlamp wiring holes that are in the inner fender wells.
6. Fasten ground wires under existing ground wire screws in the radiator support.
7. Route 12-volt supply wire with the existing harness in the radiator support and along the left inner fender well (These are the gray wires supplied in the kit). Plug into the black wires from the fog lamps. Secure as necessary with nylon wire tie straps. You should route the gray wire up to the firewall near the engine bulkhead pass through connector, to the right of the brake master cylinder.
8. Locate the dimples in the firewall above the bulkhead connector. Drill a .437 (7/16) hole at the farthest left dimple. You will find this hole above the gas pedal on the inside of the vehicle.
9. Install the grommet with gray wire in the drilled hole from the inside out. Hook up the gray wire in the engine compartment that was routed to this area in step #7. At this point, you should be finished on the outside of the vehicle. Now you are ready to hook up the switch and power wiring under the dash.
10. Mount the supplied circuit breaker under the screw on the wiper motor. Note that the post on the circuit breaker is marked 12V source.
11. Route the supplied underdash harness over the steering column to the area below the headlamp switch.
12. Locate the headlamp switch harness and find the large black wire with the orange stripe. Using the scotch connector supplied, connect the light blue wire to this one. Close the scotch connector with pliers and tape the connector securely. Connect the other end to the 12V post on the circuit breaker.
13. Connect the other light blue wire to the other post on the circuit breaker.
14. Find the small black wire at the headlamp switch harness and hook the supplied black wire to it. This will turn the tail light on with the fog lights. Some cars will have a connector in the harness to directly plug the new wire into. Since the plug is not found on most cars, either use a scotch lock connector or bare the wire and solder the new wire to it.
15. Mount the fog light switch. Plug into the harness. On a 65, find the existing .437 hole in the dash, to the left of the parking brake. On a 66, drill a .437 hole in the dash, 2.125 inches straight in to the right of the left door jam switch. On 67-68 Mustangs, use the bracket below the ignition switch.
16. Be sure all the wires are clear of the pedals and parking brake. Secure as necessary with nylon tie straps.
17. Reconnect the battery and test the operation.

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