Project B.O.B. (Bolt On BadAzz)

Performance Upgrades on our 2005 Mustang GT


Project B.O.B. 2005 Mustang GT

Update 12: Stock Motored, Naturally Aspirated 11 Second S197!

After our last trip out netted us consistent 12.20s in so-so air, we really wanted to get the 05 out one more time to see if we could finally reach our goal of 11s on the stock motor. We had run almost 113 mph, which would be good for 11s if we could really get the car to hook and get our 60 foot times down. Good friend/customer John White knew we had a chance at running the number and offered up his Bogart racing wheels with MT ET Streets. We knew we needed to relocate the rear sway bar to use them and BMR came through again with a set of their relocation brackets (Part # HW2352).

Temperatures were in the high 30s/low 40s all day. Clear and crisp. Same mods as before, except for John's Bogarts with 26 in. ET Streets on them and skinnies up front. First pass, I launched at 5000 off the 2 step. 60 foot time was a 1.72 with a spin, but the ET was a 12.09@113 mph! I felt I really had a shot at 11s if I nailed everything.

Raised the launch RPM to 5500 and went 12.07, then a 12.06. Both at 113 mph and both with 1.68 60 foot times. I watched a video of a pass and the stock shocks are just way too soft. The car would squat hard and not leave hard. I decided to raise the launch rpm to 6000 and see if maybe a spin would work better. It worked and the car ran a 12.02@113 with a 1.64 60 foot time. So close!

We brought the car around for one more shot at it. Raised the 2 step to 6200 rpms. It was all or nothing on this pass. I was going to give it hell and hope for the best. Launched at 6200 and banged every gear at 6200 rpms crossing the traps right around 6000. We were racing a modified Z06 running on ET Streets and held him off for over 1000 feet, so I knew the car was on a good run. I pulled to the timeslip tower and told the guy to give me good news! I got the slip and scared him when I yelled in excitement!

60 foot time of 1.62 which is the best ever! Best ever 1/8th and 1/4 mile times of 7.64@89.35 and 11.998@113.53!

I am beyond happy right now. I knew if I got everything right and had good weather, the car had 11s in it without going into the motor at all. Now that we reached our goal, we will have to see what the future holds for our 2005 GT. I know our soft stock shocks and full tank of gas left some ET on the table, but we reached our original goal of a stock motored naturally aspirated 11 second S197!

Huge thanks to John White for the wheel rental, Sean Moore for filming, and Steve Riss for taking pictures.

New Best 1/4 Mile Time
1.62 60 foot
11.998 @ 113.53 mph

Update 11: New Best ... Barely!

We finally were able to get our 2005 GT back to the track. We have tried several times in the last couple months, only to get rained out every single time. Our old best was a 12.23@110.81 with a 1.69 60 foot time. Since then, we added: BBK Long Tube Headers, High Flow X-Pipe, New Motor Mounts and CJ Drag Springs.

We decided to take a ride down to Cecil on a Friday night since the weather looked to be decent. The track was packed, so we had to make each run count. The first couple passes, I could not get the launch right and the 60 foot times were all high 1.7s to low 1.8s. The good news was the MPH was up almost 2 mph from our previous best and the car was running 12.31s like a bracket racer. Finally, on the last run of the night we were able to get behind a car that put some rubber down and the car hooked well. We ran a new best of 12.22@112.48 with a 1.74 60 foot time. If we could have matched the previous best 60 foot time of 1.69 the car would have run well into the 12 teens and maybe a 12.0. The MPH is very promising for an untouched motor. I think the drag springs might be a bit too loose for our low profile 17 inch radial tires, but the track was very busy so the starting line wasn’t at its best. We made 6 runs and 5 of them were 12.31s in the right lane. The lone pass in the left was the best of the night.

The 05 didn’t lose a race all night either and we raced some fast cars – 2007 Z06 Corvette (Pretty sure he missed a shift or spun, but a win is a win), 2005 GTO, 2008 Challenger SRT, 1995 Cobra 347 (12.5@111) and the last run was against a mid 90’s Integra that ran a surprising 12.55@119 to my 12.22@112.

We are going to get the car out a couple more times before the track closes for the year and continue our quest for that elusive stock motor 11 second timeslip!

New Best 1/4 Mile Time
1.74 60 foot
12.221 @ 112.48 mph

2005 Mustang GT Drag Racing

Update 10: New Best 1/4 Mile Time!

With the new BMR control arms, CJ's Mustang hooked very well. A more aggressive launch with the new parts netted our best time yet. All of our passes were in the 1.69-1.72 range and out ETs were always in the 12.2-12.3 range. The 60 foot times became very repeatable, which is a huge plus when trying to get every tenth possible.

New Best 1/4 Mile Time
1.69 60 foot
12.239 @ 110.81 mph

Update 9: New Best Naturally Aspirated!

Our Mustang is still running the same basic mods we have been testing for most of this year. Starting from the front we have a JLT cold air intake, BBK X pipe with cats, FRPP axle back, 4:10 gears and a Pro 5.0 shifter. We are still using our CJ Pony tuned SCT Xcalibrator 3 as well. We noticed our stock control arms were starting to get a little worn, so we decided to start modifying the suspension. We started off with a set of BMR single adjustable lowers (Part # LCA31) and a single BMR adjustable upper (Part # UCA24). Although both are adjustable, we set them at stock lengths to see how well they worked versus the stockers. We also added a BMR Sway bar delete (Part # FSBD) since we have been running without the swaybar for the last year anyway. We also added a Steeda aluminum driveshaft (Part # DS24). We loaded up our trusty 275/40/17 MT ET Street Radials and headed down to the Andrew Bauer Memorial Nats at Cecil County Dragway in MD.

New Best (air temp 42 deg)
1.730 60 foot
7.870 @ 88.12 1/8th mile
12.300 @ 111.39 1/4 mile

Old Best (air temp 59 deg)
1.741 60 foot
7.949 @ 86.92 1/8th mile
12.421 @ 110.62 1/4 mile

Best pass ever by .12 tenths and almost a full MPH! The suspension mods definitely helped the car tremendously. The car would usually run anywhere from 1.74 to 1.81 in the 60 foot. This time out, every pass was in the low 1.7s with a best 60 foot of 1.70. We also used to get a little loose on the 1-2 shift, but the car was rock solid with the BMR parts. Unfortunately, I did not hit 4th clean on the 1.70 pass and ended up with a 12.345@110.49. That pass surely would have been in the 12.20s, but that is drag racing. We ended up with 4 passes out of 6 in the 12.30s.

We now have to figure out what the future holds for our GT. Currently we are one of the fastest stock engined naturally aspirated 3Vs around, possibly the fastest. I haven't read of anyone faster that has not added CMCV deletes, headers, severe weight reduction, etc. Our motor is still factory Ford from the throttle body to the headers. I feel 11.90s are possible with a little weight reduction, headers, slicks, skinnies and some REAL aggressive driving. We will see what 2009 holds!

Update 8: New Best Naturally Aspirated!

The Mustang still has the same tune, JLT intake, BBK X pipe with cats, FRPP axle back, and 4:10s. Tires were 275/40/17 MT Et Street Radials. It was the first time on them and we were extremely impressed.

New Best (air temp 59 deg)
1.741 60 foot
7.949 @ 86.92 1/8th mile
12.421 @ 110.62 1/4 mile

Old Best (air temp 74 deg)
1.78 60 foot
8.085 @ 85.62 1/8th mile
12.635 @ 108.73 1/4 mile

Best pass ever by .2 tenths. One more pass was made to back it up with a 12.475@109.99 with a 1.77 60 foot.

Update 7: New Best Naturally Aspirated!

We decided it was in the best interest of the stock motor to take the Vortech off the car and go back to racing it on motor. The car gets driven daily, gets taken all over the country for shows and gets raced all the time. We felt the Vortech was going to be a little too much for the motor considering all the miles the car sees in a year. We did not want to build a motor for the car because most of our customers are still running stock motors and we wanted our results to be comparable. We also felt that the car had a lot left on motor and many of our customers prefer to make power with bolt-ons instead of forced induction.

With that in mind, we switched out the Pypes off road H pipe and mufflers we had been running and went with an emissions legal setup from BBK/FRPP. We chose a BBK X pipe with high flow cats (Part # XP36) and a stainless steel axle back from Ford Racing (Part # M52305GT). The Ford Racing axle back uses Borla Stinger mufflers and sounds great with the BBK X pipe! Not only did our new exhaust sound great but the car went faster than it ever had before on motor! With 275/40/17 Nitto Drag radials on the back we went down to Cecil County Dragway on a Saturday morning for one of their test and tunes and recorded a new best for the car!

New Best (air temp 74 deg)
1.78 60 foot
8.085 @ 85.62 1/8th mile
12.635 @ 108.73 1/4 mile

Old Best (air temp 50 deg)
1.91 60 foot
8.28 @ 85.16 1/8th mile
12.843 @ 108.74 1/4 mile

We have a few more mods planned for the car which should lower that number even further in the cool fall air. We are hoping to run in the 12.40s which would match the best pass the car ever ran with the Vortech on it.

We have had a couple people questioning the value of a Vortech on the 05-07 GT given our times with the car on motor are getting close to our Vortech time. Don’t read too far into the times as a negative to the Vortech. With the Vortech on the car we ran 12.4@114 mph in almost 85 % humidity at a higher elevation, slower track (Beaver Springs). It was also our only time out with the Vortech. It was only 2 tenths faster than our best on motor but given ideal conditions for the Vortech, like we had for our 12.6 NA pass at Cecil County Dragway, I have no doubts the Vortech car would have gone 11.70s-11.80s @ 118+ mph. For a direct comparison, last year the best our 2005 GT ran NA at Beaver Springs was a 13.13@106 mph. In the same trim at Cecil County Dragway with better air the car ran 12.85@108 mph. That is 3 tenths and 2 mph almost solely based on lower elevation and better conditions. A Vortech car is going to be able to take even better advantage of those conditions. I was impressed the car ran 114 mph in the humid conditions we saw during our test runs. A supercharger works by compressing air and hot air is the worst thing you can force into a motor. The car on motor would have been lucky to run 105 mph in that air.

2005 Mustang GT

Update 6: Now with Vortech Power!

We ended last year on a high note running 12.80s@ 108 mph at Cecil County Dragway in November. While the tracks were closed for the winter we decided we reached our goals with the car on motor and it was time to up the ante with some boost. We contacted Vortech and went with their base S trim kit (Part # 4FU218010SQ) which gave us 6-7 lbs of boost. We have not yet dyno’d the car, but figure power to be around 100-125 hp more than the 300 the car put down on motor. Although we have always run our cars with SCT tunes, we decided to run with the Vortech supplied Diablosport tuner until we could get the car on the dyno. The car runs well on the Vortech tune, but I personally feel the throttle management was better with the SCT tuner. We will see what happens when we go back to the SCT unit in a month or so.

CJ’s held the first Drag Day of 2007 on May 12th at Beaver Springs Dragway. This was a perfect opportunity to test out the Vortech setup. Our previous best at BSD was a 13.13@106. Unfortunately, on our way to the track we ran into some rain which delayed our start a bit. The crew and the racers did a good job getting the track dried and ready to go. Some electrical problems had us doing arm drop racing for the first hour or so, but the crew finally got the timers working and we pulled up for our first pass. I heated up the Nitto drag radials and staged the car. I launched it softly to get a feel for it and the car bit pretty hard. Three powershifts later we got our first boosted timeslip.

1.95 60 foot
12.686@112 mph

Half a second and 6 mph better than we ever ran at BSD before.

I decided to let the car cool down a bit and make another pass. I lined up against a white 99 GT with a Vortech on it and some drag radials. This was the best race of the night for us.

05 GT: 1.89 60 foot 12.54@114 mph
99 GT: 1.89 60 foot 12.63@113 mph

GREAT heads up race! He was at my door the whole pass, but our 05 held him off. I took another pass after a cool down and we were rewarded with our best pass of the day:

1.88 60 foot
12.45@114 mph!

.68 better than our previous best at BSD and .41 better than our previous best at Cecil in November!

The MPH is very promising. Up next, we are going to look into replacing the factory clutch with something a little bit more stout so we can get more aggressive with our driving and see if we can get our GT into the 11’s.

Update 5: New Best Time and Dyno Numbers for our '05 GT!

We were finally able to do some dyno pulls on our 2005 GT. It turns out we were barely hitting the knock sensor and that caused the car to pull a little timing out which is why our traps last time out were a little lower. We addressed that issue with our SCT XCAL3 and were rewarded with 298 hp at the rear wheels and 311 lb/ft of torque with a nice safe 12.8 to 1 air fuel ratio! We were very happy with these numbers and could not wait to hit the track again!

We did not have to wait long. Superstallions of the Net had its Fall track rental setup for Saturday, November 18th, so we took the car down for the day. The air was good with temps around 60 degrees and the track had some bite. Our old drag radials did not work too well last time out so we stuck with the stock 235 Pirellis for the day. First pass off the street with a soft launch rewarded us with a new best of 13.03@107 and I knew the car had more in it. After a 10 min cool down I staged the car again and left the line at around 4000 rpm slipping the clutch for the first 30 feet or so. The track was plenty sticky and I knew it was a good run but I was blown away when the timeslip read 12.86@108 mph! I brought the car back around and decided to hot lap it to back the slip up and ran a 12.84@108 mph! Needless to say, our little green Mustang got a lot of attention in the lanes after those passes. We were the fastest naturally aspirated 05+ Mustang at the event and were only half a second off a supercharged 06 running drag radials! Both runs were 1.90 60 foot times and had bad wheel spin on the 1-2 shift. I have no doubts that 12.60s or even 12.50s would be possible with a good set of drag radials.

Update 4: New Best Time with 4.10 Gears!

For our next modification we decided to go with a set of 4:10 gears. The mod motor cars always respond well to a higher ratio gear swap, so we had high hopes for this modification. We recommend having gears installed by a professional mechanic. Setting up the gears requires special tools and if they are not set up right, you can do serious damage to the rear end of the car. Our shop handled the install and the car was ready to go. We also decided to try a set of old drag radials we had laying around the shop to give us a little more traction. Unfortunately they were past their prime and did not help us out much. Hopefully next time out we will have a fresh set and some good 60 foot times. Here was our best run of the day:

1.95 60 foot
8.45 1/8 mile @ 82.98 mph
13.13 1/4 mile @ 106.66 mph

Total gains for the 4:10 gear swap: Dropped .16 off our time and lost .4 mph.

Update 3: New Best Time after Cold Air Kit!

The next modification in line for out GT was a cold air intake. We went with the JLT True Cold air setup. Installation was very simple and took less than an hour from start to finish. The JLT is a good looking part and can be painted to match your exterior if so desired. We once again reflashed our computer for the new intake using our XCAL3 and headed to the track to test the intake. Our best pass of the day:

1.99 60 foot
8.620 1/8 mile @ 82.20 mph
13.29 1/4 mile @ 107.06 mph

Total gains made with the cold air kit: Dropped .19 off our time and gained 1.7 mph in the ¼ mile.

So far we have been impressed with how well the car responded to simple modifications. For a little over $1100 investment we have dropped almost .7 seconds off our 1/4 mile time and gained over 5.6 mph in the 1/4 mile!! The car still drives like a new car and the only obvious change from the outside is the loud exhaust. We plan on testing some other exhaust systems as well as working on some traction and possibly a gear swap in the next month to try and get a 12 second pass out of the car.

Update 2: New Exhaust and Timeslips!

Our next modification was a typical one for Mustang owners, a new exhaust. We went with a Pypes off road X pipe and a set of the company's Violater mufflers (Price $549.95). This is a very loud exhaust system, nobody is going to think our 05 is stock anymore! We got the Pypes installed and reflashed the XCAL3 for the off road pipe and went back to the track. Best pass of the day:

2.06 60 foot
8.73 1/8 mile @ 81.47 mph
13.48 1/4 mile @ 105.36 mph

Total gains made with the exhaust: Dropped .17 off our time and gained 2.26 mph in the ¼ mile.

Update 1: New Best Time with a SCT Tune!

Our first modification was a SCT tune using their new Xcalibrator 3 (Part # XCAL3). This is a very simple modification that any car can benefit from. It takes about 5 minutes to download your stock tune and upload a new performance tune into your car's computer. We chose a tune set up for 93 octane which is why we filled the tank with premium for our stock tests. This was our best pass with the 93 octane tune and no other modifications except the shifter and the SCT tune:

2.04 60 foot
8.89 1/8 mile @ 79.80 mph
13.65 1/4 mile @ 103.10 mph

Total gains made with the XCAL2 modification: Dropped .33 off our time and gained 1.8 mph in the ¼ mile.

Stock 1/4 Mile Times from our '05 GT!

Here are the up to date results of drag testing on our 2005 Mustang GT. The car is a loaded 5 speed model in Legend Lime with the optional 17 inch Bullitt style wheels. All runs were made at Beaver Springs Dragway which is approx. 700 feet above sea level.

The car was originally raced in bone stock trim with no other modifications except a shifter to save the stock transmission from the abuse we were about to put it through. Car had half a tank of gas and was on stock tires. We were running premium 93 octane gas in the car which probably slowed the car down a bit, but we needed 93 for our planned modifications. This was the best pass of the day in stock trim:

2.06 60 foot
9.035 1/8 mile @ 77.50 mph
13.98 1/4 mile @ 101.3 mph

2005 Mustang GT

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