Aftermarket Shifter Install

2005-2009 Mustang GT


One of the most common modifications to any late model Mustang is a short throw shifter. The factory has always provided a quiet comfortable shifter that worked well for normal driving, but was quite vague for performance driving with throws that were a bit too long for quick shifts at the drag strip. With all the improvements Ford made on the 2005 Mustangs, a true performance shifter was unfortunately not one of them.

The aftermarket has stepped up with several options for someone that wants to bang gears in their Mustang. Follow along as we remove the stock shifter in our 2005 Mustang GT and replace it with a top quality piece from Pro 5.0. Pro 5.0 has been in the Mustang shifter game for a long time and its 05-08 shifter will not disappoint with shorter throws, positive stops, and quality construction.

The first step in any shifter install is to remove the factory piece. From inside the car use your finger or gently use a screwdriver to lift up the corner of the factory boot. It will pop up and then you can remove it from the console.

05-08 Shifter Install - Step 1

At this point you will spin the shift knob counter clockwise and remove the boot and shift knob from the factory shifter. Make sure you leave the car in neutral for later on.

05-08 Shifter Install - Step 2

Now it is time to work under the car. Unlike previous late model Mustangs, the shifter must be removed from underneath the car. When Ford changed the design of the dash they also relocated the shifter closer to the driver. To do so required a new shifter design that uses an arm supported by a leverage bar to reach the actual shift mechanism on the transmission. Once the car is safely supported by jack stands, or if you are lucky up on a lift, the first step is to remove the drive shaft. Simply remove the 2 visible 12-point sockets and spin the drive shaft to access the other 2. If it does not spin freely check to make sure the car is in neutral.

05-08 Shifter Install - Step 3

Once the drive shaft is out of the way you can see the factory stamped steel shifter. The first thing you want to remove is the nuts that hold the bracket in the back of the shifter. At this point the shifter will hang down a bit. Remove the black shifting rod from the transmission and push it to the side.

05-08 Shifter Install - Step 4

Now you will want to look towards the front of the shifter and you will see a bolt holding in the leverage bar for the shifter. Remove this bolt and the shifter will be able to be removed from the car.

05-08 Shifter Install - Step 5

05-08 Shifter Install - Step 6

Here you can see a comparison between the stock shifter and our Pro 5.0 Super Shifter. The Pro 5.0 piece is obviously much beefier in design and will not only hold up better, but will help the transmission live longer.

05-08 Shifter Install - Step 7

05-08 Shifter Install - Step 8

Now you want to slide the Pro 5.0 shifter in place of the stocker and re-attach it to the factory mounting locations. Start with the bolt for the leverage bar on the back of the transmission.

05-08 Shifter Install - Step 9

The next step is to put the back part of the shifter on the factory studs and bolt it down. Place the supplied brass bushings on the shifter rod itself, visible in the front of this picture, and re-install it on the Pr0 5.0 shifter.

05-08 Shifter Install - Step 10

Your shifter install is now complete. It's typical of these shifters to be stiff when first used but they will loosen up with normal use. Now all you have to do is lower the car down and install the stock knob and boot the same way you removed it above and go bang some gears!

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