Limited Edition Mustangs

1990 and 1992-1993 Mustangs


1990 "7-Up" Limited Edition Mustang
The 1990 Limited Edition Mustangs are referred to as 7-Up cars. Ford had made the green and white convertible for a 7-Up ad that eventually fell through. The name stuck and they are still known as 7-Up Mustangs. They were 25th anniversary cars even though the actual anniversary date was 1989 1/2. A total of 4,103 7-Up cars were made in 1990. 1,360 were 5-speed cars and 2,743 were automatics. They were all green convertibles with a white top and white interior. 261 of these Mustangs were exported. 30 of them were to be given away in a contest. If a fan was to sink a basket from half court, they would drive home in one of these cars. At the last minute the contest was canceled.


1992-1993 Limited Edition Mustangs
Ford decided to offer Limited Edition Convertibles in 1992 (the Summer Edition) and 1993 to help boost sales. The 1992 model was Vibrant Red with a white interior and white top. 2,019 Limited Edition Mustangs were produced in 1992. 1993 models were offered in Triple White, Yellow with white interior and top or Yellow with black interior and top. For 1993, 1,500 White cars and 1,503 Yellow cars were produced. The white convertibles came with white wheels and the yellow convertibles came with chrome wheels. All the cars had a rear spoiler in place of the luggage rack. For more detailed information, visit

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