Oil Separator Install

1979-2004 Mustangs


1979-2004 Oil Separator Kit

Parts list: 1 oil separator filter assembly with 2 3/8 hose fittings, 3 feet 3/8th hose, 2 hose clamps, mounting bracket, instructions.

Reference pictures show installation on a 1996 Cobra. Other vehicles may look different, but general installation is identical.

1. Locate PCV valve on valve cover. It will have a 3/8th rubber hose going to it and will connect to the intake.

Step 1

2. Carefully remove hose from PCV valve and intake inlet.

Step 2

3. Find a suitable location to mount the separator, usually the firewall or shock tower will be best.

Mount the separator using the supplied hardware and measure the distance from separator to PCV and separator to inlet on the intake.

Cut the supplied 3/8th hose to the proper lengths and connect from intake to separator and from separator to PCV valve. Use the supplied hose clamps if anything fits loosely.

Step 5

6. Double check that all your connections are tight and start the car.

Tip: To drain oil you can simply unscrew the clear container from the bottom and drain it. For small amounts there is a pressure release valve on the bottom of the clear container.

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