Seat Belt Retractor Installation

1964-1968 Mustangs


Caution: Do not install retractor to the buckle half of the belt.

Step 1: Wind the seatbelt retractor clockwise 7-8 full turns. Be careful while winding, hold retractor firmly in hand.
Step 2: Turn belt over with opposite hand. Push belt under tabs. Position retractor in the middle of the outboard belt webbing (Figures 1 and 2).
Step 3: Position retractor squarely with belt and crimp tabs securely against belt webbing (Figure 3).
Step 4: Check for proper operation of retractor and make any adjustments required.

Note: If it is necessary to rewind retractor, do not exceed 9 full turns.

Seat belt must be fully extended when in use. Pull belt so it is fully unwound from the retractor, then connect the belt and make adjustments at the buckle for proper fit.

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