Shift Light Installation

1996-1998 GT or Cobra


Tools Needed:
Phillips head screwdriver
Torx T20 or 9/32 socket and ratchet
2 - 16 gauge wire taps (or you can cut and solder)
1 - 15 gauge ring terminal
Electrical tape

Auto Meter Parts List:
Part #               Description
AM5330          Quick lite in black or
AM5331          Quick lite in silver
AM5310          RPM Module
AM5355          5000 rpm pill kit for GTs or
AM5356          6000 rpm pill kit for Cobras or modified GTs

If you are using an Auto Meter tachometer it will hook up the same way as the shift light does.

1. Use Torx T20 or 9/32 socket to remove the 2 upper screws to remove the dash cluster trim ring. These are located right above the gauges themselves. Remove headlight switch by simply pulling on it. Give it a good tug and it will come off. The rest of the gauge cluster trim ring is held on by clips. Simply get a good grip on the trim and pull it off.
2. Use the torx or 9/32 to remove the gauge cluster itself. There are 4 screws in the corners. Do not remove the brass screws, just the black ones. Once you remove the gauge cluster bolts, pull out the cluster slowly. Once you have it as far out as you can, reach behind and disconnect the 2 wire harnesses.
3. Now you want to mount the RPM module. I chose the glove box, but there are several places to install it. Mount the unit and find a good metal surface for the black ground wire. I used the mounting point for the glove box. Use the ring terminal and make a ground. Fish the green wire, red wire, and the shift lite plug to the gauge cluster area.
4. You will now use the wire taps to get power and signal from the right side (white) wire harness. Tap into the brown wire with the yellow stripe. This is the 4th wire from the right. You want to connect the green wire from the RPM module here to get tach signal. Now go to the red wire with the yellow stripe. This is the 8th wire from the right. Tap into this for power. Connect the red wire here. You now have ground, power, and signal.
5. Test the system. Connect the light to the lite plug, install the 3000 rpm test pill, and fire up the car. The light should come on when you turn the key over and again when you rev past 3000 rpm. If it does not come on, check your connections.
6. Once you are done testing, it is time to mount your light. I mounted mine to the gauge cluster trim ring, but there are other options including vents, A-pillar, etc.
7. Now do steps 1 and 2 backward to reassemble your dash. Put in a higher RPM pill and enjoy your new shift light!

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