Speedometer Cable Variations

1964-2008 Mustangs


1964-1968 Speedometer Cable 1964-1968 speedometer cables have a threaded end where they connect to the back of the speedometer. There is a metal portion crimped onto the cable at the other end that the speedo gear clips onto. An o-ring is used for sealing. The cables have a retaining bracket incorporated on the cable that bolts to the transmission, which holds the gear in the trans. All 64-68 cables are interchangeable, the only difference is the length.
1969-1973 Speedometer Cable 1969-1973 cables for use without cruise control have a plastic push-type connector at the speedometer end and the same connection as 64-68 at the transmission end. Another difference is that the retaining bracket is separate. It does not stay on the cable or come with the new cables.
1970-1973 and 1979-1982 Speedometer Cable 1970-1973 and 1979-1982 with factory cruise control have an upper and a lower cable because of the type of cruise control system used. The upper runs from the speedometer to the cruise unit and the lower runs from the cruise unit to the transmission. The lower cable has the same end at the transmission as all previous cables. The cable pictured on the left is an upper.
1979-1986 Speedometer Cable 1979-1986 without cruise control and without EFI are the same type as 69-73 cables, just different lengths. The ford cables come with the firewall grommet and retaining bracket on the cable. Aftermarket cables do not. This cable can also be used on 87-93 cars that have been converted to carburetion that don't need the signal for the ECU.
1983-1993 Speedometer Cable 1983-1993 with EFI or factory cruise control will have the same plastic connector at the speedometer end as 69-73, but a different end that goes into a speedo sender at the transmission side. The sender then provides a signal to the ECU/cruise servo. The retaining clip is different than those used without the sender. The retaining clip comes with the speedo sender (HW1967). There is also a clip that holds the cable into the sender (HW1966) and an o-ring inside of the sender in addition to the o-ring on the outside of the sender (HW1294). Ford cables have the firewall grommet and aftermarket do not.
1994-1998 Speedometer Cable 1994-1998 uses the same style sender as 83-93 with the speedo gear on it, but gets the signal for the speedometer through the two wires. 94-98 does not use a speedometer cable.
1999-2008 Speedometer Recalibration Box 1999-2008 is all electronic with no speedo gears involved. They use a magnet on the output shaft with a sensor in the tailshaft housing to send the signal. 1999-2004 Mustangs with manual transmissions can correct their speedometer from gear or tire changes with a speedometer calibration box (SGRB). All 1999-2008 Mustangs can use an XCalibrator3 (XCAL3) to correct the speedometer.
1964-1968 Speedometer Conversion Cable 1964-1968 with T-5 Trans and EFI use a different speedometer cable (SC50). This cable has the 64-68 threaded style connection at the speedometer end and an 83-93 efi style connection at the other. This type of cable is only required when doing an EFI conversion. When doing a T5 conversion on an early model and the engine is kept carbureted, the original speedometer cable can be reused.


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