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1964-2009 Mustangs


Q: How long should the driveshaft be on an early model car with a T-5 Conversion?

A: Driveshaft should be 1" shorter.


Q: What headers work best on supercharged cars?

A: Long tubes.


Q: Which long tube headers fit best?



Q: Do you need a tach adapter on 96 and up Mustangs for an aftermarket tachometer?

A: 96-98 cars will not need a tach adapter. You can get tach signal from the brown wire with the yellow stripe located 8 pins from the right on the harness with the white plug behind your gauge cluster. 99+ cars will require a tach adapter.


Q: What wire will the tach adapter connect to?

A: #34 Red. On the corner of the plug.


Q: What rear end gears do you recommend for my Mustang?

A: For 5.0 Mustangs we recommend 3:55 for a mild street car, 3:73 for a street strip car, and 4:10s for a heavily drag raced car. For 4.6 GTs we recommend 3:73s for a mild street car, 4:10s for a street strip car, and 4:30s for a heavily drag raced car. For 4.6 96-01 Cobras we recommend 4:10s for a mild street car, 4:30s for a street strip car, and 4:56s for a heavily drag raced car. Please keep in mind you will need sticker tires to take full advantage of higher gear ratios.


Q: What is a good cam choice for a stock or lightly modified 302?

A: Stock - Ford Racing E Cam (M6250E303).

A: Lightly Modified - Ford Racing F Cam (M6250F303).


Q: What is the difference between a fox body T-5 and a 94-95 T-5?

A: The input shaft on a 94-95 is longer.


Q: Will my off-road H-Pipe pass emissions tests?

A: No. It won't pass visual or scan tests.


Q: What are the 2 extra wires for on a 68 turn signal switch?

A: They are for turning lamps. The switch also fits Cougars and Lincolns. Just tape them to the harness.


Q: The front parking lights on my 65-66 Mustang go off when I turn the headlights on. What is the problem?

A: That is normal. They are designed to work this way.


Q: My 4-Ways do not work. I replaced the flasher and the turn signals work, so the flasher isn't the problem. What is the problem?

A: There is a second flasher specifically for the 4-Ways that needs to be replaced. It is located at the back of the instrument cluster.


Q: I installed a new power steering control valve and the steering is cycling back and forth. What is the problem?

A: The lines from the control valve to the slave cylinder are reversed.


Q: Which blower motor do I need? I have a 1964-1966 Mustang.

A: 2 speed systems use the 3 wire motor (Part # - HMA1). They have a 3 position switch and there is no resistor block in the heater box.  3 speed systems use the 2 wire motor (Part # - HMA2). They have a 4 position switch and use a resistor block in the heater box.


Q: What sealer do I use between the gas tank and the body of the car?

A: 3M flexible strip caulk (Part # EW31050).


Q: Where do I install the 1969 rear spoiler?

A: There should be 7 3/4 inches from the front edge of the trunk lid to the front edge of the spoiler gasket. For the side, there should be 2 13/16 inches from the outer edge of the trunk lid to the side edge of the spoiler gasket.


Q: How do I remove or install the 64-66 Trunk Lock Cylinder?

A: You must first insert the key into the cylinder and turn the key 1/8 turn to the right. Depress the pin in the cylinder. This allows you to slide the cylinder in or out of the trunk lock sleeve.


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