Turbosmart Blow Off Valve Kompact Shortie Dual Port Fiesta ST 2014-2019

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  • Dual Port Blow Off Valve
  • Billet Aluminum Body
  • Fully Adjustable(Hard To Soft)
  • Complete Kit
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Turbosmart Kompact Shortie Dual Port Blow Off Valve for all 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 Fiesta STs.

If you’re looking for the perfect blow off valve, then look no further! Turbosmart has introduced the all-new Kompact Shortie Blow Off Valve, specifically designed for your 2014-2019 Fiesta ST! This blow off valve turns any lazy Sunday afternoon drive into a blast.

This Turbosmart Blow Off Valve is a direct replacement for your stock blow off valve which is quiet and restrictive. The Kompact Shortie Dual Port BOV will provide you with better boost response and superior boost handling capabilities.

The Dual Port design of this BOV offers you responsive flow, thus allowing air to be vented to the atmosphere for sound. If you’re looking for that awesome turbo ‘whoosh’ sound, then look no further than this Turbosmart BOV. Without tripping any sensors on your ECU, this Kompact Shortie Dual Port Blow Off Valve will have everyone around you turning their heads looking for that awesome turbo noise.

- Kompact Shortie Dual Port Blow Off Valve
- Straight and Banjo Nipples
- Mounting Screws
- Spring Clamps
- Instructions

Each BOV from Turbosmart is machined in-house out of solid billet aluminum. The factory plastic BOVs can become brittle and crack over time. This BOV from Turbosmart ensures the longevity of your motor with the use of light-weight brass and aluminum. Being the most responsive BOV on the market, it’s capable of handling over 30 PSI of boost!

The smaller dimensions of the new Turbosmart Kompact Shortie Dual Port Blow Off Valve make it a breeze to install and it fits a wide range of applications. Making things even easier, each BOV is supplied with both a swivel banjo nipple and a straight nipple, meaning you can modify the BOV to better suit your specific set-up and application. Also, larger o-rings have been fitted in the base to make installation easier than ever.

Turn your hot hatch into an all-out street machine with the large selection of Ecoboost parts offered by CJ Pony Parts from some of the top name brands in the industry available for you to pick up today!

Order a Turbosmart Kompact Shortie Dual Port Blow Off Valve for your 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 or 2019 Fiesta ST from CJ Pony Parts today!

California Residents: Proposition 65 Warning

Note: This item is not CARB (California Air Resource Board) exempt and is not legal for sale or use in the state of California.

Installation Difficulty


Intermediate skill is required for this installation.

Installation Videos

Video Transcript

A good quality blow off valve is usually one of the very first modifications many turbo charge owners make because in many cases the factory blow off valve is barely adequate for stock boost levels, let alone the modified boost levels that come with custom tuning. The case of our Fiesta ST, we're already run a full exhaust along with a custom tune, so today we're going to update our plastic bypass valve to this high quality blow off valve from Turbosmart.

We're going with the Turbosmart compact shorty, which is a billet blow off valve with a high quality piston inside of it. This is a much, much better design than the factory plastic blow off valve with the spring. Since the factory sensors electronically control, Turbosmart provides everything necessarily to convert over to a vacuum style, that includes the block off plug itself, the vacuum block, which goes underneath your MAP sensor, obviously the blow off valve assembly, and then a vacuum line to connect to two together.

For this installation, a lift or a jack and jack stands, quarter inch ratchet, 8mm socket, short extension, 5mm allen key, 4mm allen key, T30 Torx bit, 7mm wrench, and a razor blade.

Even though the factory valve is going to be more underneath the car, we're going to be going to be giving the installation under the hood by doing all the modification at the MAP sensor. The first step, pop off the factory engine cover. The MAP sensor's located right here. The first thing you want to do is unplug it, get the plug out of the way, then we'll remove the sensor. We'll start off by assembling the vacuum block before it goes onto our car. There's two ports on the front here. One port's going to get the bung that is going to go to our vacuum line. The other port's going to get a block off. Put a little thread sealant on it. Get it snug, you don't have to go crazy tight, just get it decently tight.

I'm going to use this apply bolt and bolt the factory sensor to the vacuum block. That's ready to go on the car. Let me make sure the O-ring's clean and put it back into place and reinstall the factory bolt. Once that's done, just plug it back in. The MAP sensor adapter installed, put one of the clamps over the rubber rose and work that on. Tie the clamp up into place. Now the vacuum line is going to get fished down into the factory location, we're going to sort of fish it back here and we'll come back later and zip tie it in place once everything's connected.

The factory blow off valve is located right up here on the backside of the turbo. You can sort of reach it by coming up from behind the front crossmember. We found it's easier though, take this turbo pipe out of the way, gives you a lot more room to get up in there. Blow off valve's located right here in the back of the turbo. We'll start by unplugging the harness. Gives us a little more room to access the bolts. This is where the bypass plug goes. Have to cut the split loom and the tape, so I can turn it back and get to the actual wire. I'm going to use these connectors to crimp onto the wire, so it doesn't matter which color goes into which side, it's just basically creating a loop.

I'm going squeeze them until you hear it click. We can tie that harness up out of the way. The Turbosmart's adjustable. You see which is harder or softer. You can turn it to adjust for elevation or higher boost levels. You want to install it pretty much as it comes out of the box because most of the time, the preset factory setting is okay. You do need to adjust it. What you want to do is turn it to full soft. Start the car up, you'll rev it up a couple of times, it'll seem like it wants to die. What you want to do then is turn it, one turn at a time towards hard until you can rev it up and it returns to a smooth idle without stumbling. Let me put the blow off valve up into place. Put one of the bolts on, so we can start it to hold it into place.

This will probably look a lot easier on camera than it really is. The top front bolt is tough to get to. It's very tight up in there. There's not a lot of room. Get the other two started and then get the third bolt in, tighten that one down, then tighten the other two. Okay with the blow off valve tighten down, I'm going to put our clamp over the hose, just like we did up top and put the hose connect to the blow off valve. I'm going to grab some of the provided zip ties and zip tie the vacuum line out of the way, make sure it's not going to get in the way of anything else that's moving parts, but also don't crimp it too tight because you don't want the suction to close.

Once that's done, we can reinstall the turbo pipe. Put a couple more zip ties up top here. Make sure the vacuum line's free of any restrictions. Reinstall the engine cover and the installation's finished. What you want to do now is fire it up, make sure it settles into an idle, rev it a few times, make sure you can hear it working, but make sure it holds an idle and doesn't flutter. Now that's exactly what you're looking for. You want to hear it when you rev it up. When it drops down, it should hold a nice idle.

Vehicle Fitment

This product will fit the following Fiesta years:

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