What Is the 4.1 Liter Special Mustang?

The fastback has been one of the more popular Mustang models over the years. First introduced to the public in 1965, the fastback’s appeal soared after Steve McQueen drove one through the streets of San Francisco during the thrilling car chase sequences in the 1968 movie Bullitt. In 1969, Ford released a special-edition fastback known as the 4.1 Liter Special Mustang.

4.1 liter Special Mustang4.1 Liter Special Features

The 4.1 Liter Mustang was equipped with a robust L-code 4.1 liter 6-cylinder engine; however, sports car enthusiasts who loved running through the gears while speeding down the highway were surely disappointed to discover this Mustang only came with an automatic transmission. Available options included a non-functional hood scoop, side scoop and white racing mirrors. Buyers only had the choice of green, yellow and orange for the exterior color, while all models featured white and gold pinstripes.

A Truly Limited Edition

It’s highly likely Mustang enthusiasts in many parts of the United States were unaware of the existence of this special Mustang. The 4.1 Liter Mustang fits the true definition of “limited edition” — only Ford dealers in the Indianapolis, Indiana area sold it.

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