What Is the Mustang Boss 429?

Although it was limited to a production run of two years, the Boss 429 is widely regarded as one of the most legendary vehicles in the 50-year history of the Ford Mustang. Ford introduced the Boss 429 and its cousin, the Boss 302, in 1969 to stave off the challenge posed to the Mustang’s muscle car dominance by high-performance upstarts such as the Chevy Camaro and Pontiac Trans-Am.

Boss 429 MustangMustang Boss 429 Features

Named for its powerful 429-cubic-inch Semi Hemi V-8 engine that was a derivative of the Ford 385 engine, the Boss 429 was a race-ready Mustang capable of competing in the NASCAR’s Grand National Division, now known as the Sprint Cup Series. While the Boss 429’s official horsepower rating was listed at 375 hp, many Mustang historians claim it could actually deliver well over 500 and even close to 600 hp.

The Boss 429 also featured a more conservative exterior design than other high-performance Mustangs of the era, although it did include a distinctive, fully functional hood scoop. The scoops for the 1969 models were painted the same color as the vehicle, while the 1970 scoops were available in black only.

A Favorite of Classic Car Collectors

Ford produced only 859 Boss 429 vehicles in 1969, followed by 499 units in 1970. A combination of dwindling sales and high production costs caused Ford to discontinue the Boss 429 after the 1970 model year.

Its relative scarcity and robust performance has made the 429 one of the most sought-after Mustangs by classic car collectors. Complex Rides ranked the Boss Mustang 429 at #5 on its list of “The 100 Best Mustangs of All Time.”

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