What Is the Mustang Saleen SA15?

Today, Saleen is a name well-known to Mustang owners and others in the world of performance automobiles. It’s hard to imagine that when the company was founded in 1983 with a focus on high-performance, limited-production Mustangs, few expected it to stick around for long.

By the time the company reached its 15th anniversary in 1998, it had grown to a prominence on par with Roush, Shelby and other illustrious pony car modders. To celebrate this victory against the odds, Saleen released the limited-edition SA15, an impressive offering that spoke to everything that had made the company a success to that point.

Saleen SA15 MustangAll About the SA15

The most notable addition to the Mustang Saleen SA15 was a Series 1 Eaton supercharger that boosted the stock GT’s rather uninspiring output to a more respectable 320 horsepower. To circumvent EPA regulations, the booster could only be installed by the company’s parts department after the initial build was complete. Thanks to this bit of legal trickery, the SA15 was actually the highest performing street legal Mustang available at the time.

Other notable features of the SA15 included a completely redone suspension — Saleen Mustangs were famous for their ride quality, and this limited-edition build featured the best selection of parts from the company’s Racecraft product line. Stock front and rear springs, front struts, sway bar and bushings were all replaced in order to give the SA15 a more responsive ride. 18” five-spoke wheels, a performance exhaust and an advanced air management system rounded out the package.

Exterior Upgrades

With so much going on under the hood, the SA15 needed an exterior to match. An eye-catching black-and-yellow paint job was complemented by a vented composite hood, fiberglass tonneau cover, aggressive rear wing and special pinstriping. The SA15’s interior was outfitted with new seats, door panels, gauges, pedals and a unique console plaque celebrating 15 years of Saleen.

Pricing for the SA15 started at $42,500. As each car was custom built to order, buyers were encouraged to add any upgrades they liked from the Saleen line. Because of this, each SA15 is slightly different — of the ten that were produced, several feature further upgraded wheels, brakes, interiors and more.