Weekend Wrench

Weekend Wrench gets new TMI Sport R Console installed

To complete the TMI Sport R upgrade on our Weekend Wrench 1965 Mustang coupe project car, Bill installed the latest TMI Sport R accessory: The Sport R Full Length Center Console. It is an easy install, taking less than 30 minutes for the average installer. Bill shows you how right here with our latest Weekend Wrench install video.

  • TMI's new one piece headliner installed into the Weekend Wrench

    One of CJ's newest, most talked about products is the One Piece Headliner from TMI. Well, it's finally here and we show you how to install it on our 1965 Mustang coupe project car. With this innovative product, TMI allows the weekend hobbyist to do the install without removing the windshield and rear window. See how in this Weekend Wrench install video.

  • Weekend Wrench Gets Custom LED Light Up Grille Corral

    With the rest of the grille and front lighting already replaced, we thought the final touch for the front end of our 1965 Mustang coupe would be Scott Drake's Grille Corral LED Light Kit. It features a new corral and running horse and flexible wiring options. Today, Bill shows us how to install it on the Weekend Wrench.

  • Replacing Turn Signal Stalk on CJ's '65 Mustang Coupe

    The turn signal stalk in a classic Mustang is an important part, since it powers not only the turn signals, but the brake lights and horn in your Mustang. Generally, it can't withstand much wear or abuse, so it can fail easily after many years of use. Today, Bill shows you how to replace it on the Weekend Wrench project car.

  • New Pertronix Ignitor and general tune-up give Weekend Wrench more performance

    After so many years on the road, our Weekend Wrench was in desperate need of a tune-up. So, in addition to a tune-up, Bill replaces the point system with Pertronix ignition. See how to do this with Bill's step-by-step instructions on the Weekend Wrench.