Rear Window Louver Kit Original Style Fastback 1969-1970

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Product Description

Original Style Rear Window Louver Kit for 1969-1970 Fastback Mustangs.

Add aggressive, classic styling to your Mustang with these original style rear window louvers! The contours of these louvers, hinges and latches are as close to original as you will find anywhere.

Original Style Kit Includes:
- Louvers
- Gaskets
- Hinges
- Latches
- Mounting kit

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Product Video

By Bill Tumas: The sports slat rear louver kit was a very popular option with the '69 through '70 Mustangs. They're even more popular today, with many people adding it during restorations. If your '69 through '70 was like our Mach 1 project car and didn't come so equipped, we're going to show you how to install them.

Our rear louver kit includes everything needed for installation: A gasket, hardware, latches, as well as the hinges. The louvers can be installed right out of the box or you can paint them to match if you'd like.

For this installation, we use the supplied Allen keys, Phillips head screwdriver, drill, 19/64-inch drill bit, 1/4-inch drill bit, 11 millimeter wrench, marker, and safety glasses.

The first step is install the gasket. You want to make sure the edge is facing out and this slides right in this little channel here. Because it goes all the way around, I'm going to put some sort lubricant in there ahead of time.

Now we're going to install the latches to our louvers. You can put the gasket on first, making sure the edge goes around the latch, then use the small provided screws to screw it onto the louvers.

Now you want to place the louvers over the window. Prepare to mark for the latches. I'm going to check both sides to make sure the seal covers the glass all the way around. Once you get it centered, you want to mark your holes. You want to put the gasket underneath the latch. The gasket is actually sloped to match the contour of the roof. Once you have it on, you want to mark your holes and then we're going to drill. The hardware requires the holes to be drilled to 19/64, it's a pretty large hole, so we're going to start with some pilot drills first. Now we're opening the holes up to 19/64.

Now we're going to install the supplied inserts, which will hold the latches to the roof itself. There's two different sizes. You want to get the larger ones. Place the insert into the hole and using an 11 mm wrench and the supplied Allen key, put the wrench on it and turn. Once it's nice and tight, make sure it's firmly seated to the roof, and then you'll back out the Allen key. Remove the nut and all the washers, and we have our anchor.

Now we're ready to attach our louvers to the anchors we just drilled. Put the gaskets underneath. Again, make sure you have the gasket on the proper side. You don't want to tighten them all the way until you've put the other ones in.

Now we're going to mark the spot for the lower latches. I'm going to put the stud into the louver, push down just slightly, make sure that it's even with the rear window and mark your holes. Now we'll drill the holes for the lower latches. If you're wondering about the electrical tape on the bits, it's a good idea to use it as a stop, so the holes don't go any deeper than they have to. Now you use the same process as you did on the roof. We're installing smaller anchors on the bottom here. Now we're going to install our lower latches using the supplied hardware. Once you attach a spring clip to the louver, your installation's finished.

It's not a bad idea to get someone to give you a hand lining it up and putting the gasket on the rear window. Overall, the installation should only take you around an hour. You'll be back on the road in no time.