Focus RS Parts

Ford Focus RS Parts

Focus RS Parts

No automaker has made more high-performance news over the past year than Ford. Fiesta ST. Focus ST. Mustang GT350 and GT500. Raptor pickup. Ford GT. With such a promising and performance-oriented lineup taking shape, it would be greedy to hope for more. But that’s exactly what Ford has planned. The specs for the Focus RS will knock your socks off. Here at CJ Pony Parts, we’re already fans of the Ford ST models, the Fiesta and Focus, but Ford has kicked it up a notch with the Ford Focus RS. More power, a sophisticated AWD system, and some serious mechanical and electronic performance upgrades make the Focus RS Ford’s top-performing small car ever available in North America.

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Focus RS Parts

It’s not even on the roads and we’re already fans. We’d love to share some of the nitty gritty details on this exciting entry into the compact “hot hatch” class, and explain how it will rocket ahead of the competition when it hits the ground in 2016.

A Great STarting Point!

Fans of the existing Ford ST products, the subcompact Fiesta and compact Focus, know how great those two hot hatches are. They use EcoBoost 4-cylinder engines and a host of suspension upgrades, along with some subtle but well-designed exterior details, to set the pair apart from their pedestrian base models.

The upcoming 2016 Focus RS uses the world-class Focus platform as its starting point, but goes where the ST doesn’t dare. With over 250 horsepower channeled through the front wheels, the Focus ST is approaching the limits of what a front-wheel drive car can handle in terms of power. To be sure, Ford engineers worked hard to limit understeer and create a true driver’s car, but with the RS they wanted to go further. Much further.

The RS name may not mean much to Americans, but Ford has been producing high-performance hatchback models in Europe for decades. The current RS is an impressive ride and well respected in the performance community, but for this new generation, Ford had an even bigger agenda.

Just as the Mustang is being released as a true global car available on every continent, Ford also wanted to create an RS Focus for sale all over the world. For the first time ever, a factory RS will be available in the U.S. And let’s just say it was worth the wait.

Not everything is known about the RS Focus specs, but what has been confirmed is it will use a 2.3L EcoBoost 4-cylinder engine, putting out a reported 345 hp and 325 ft-lbs of torque.

With that much power, an all-wheel drive system was a must, and Ford did not disappoint. On the contrary, it designed one of the most sophisticated AWD systems out there. Ford uses what it calls “dynamic torque vectoring,” a high-tech system that can detect which wheels are gripping and which are spinning to deliver power accordingly for maximum traction, acceleration and grip through the corners.

The result is otherworldly handling in what will surely be the new king of rally racing.

The Ford Focus RS Specs

If you’ve read this far, you’re certainly the kind of performance fan who loves learning about all of the specs of a hot car like the Ford Focus RS. Here’s a little more detail on what that includes:

• EcoBoost 2.3L 4-cylinder expected to put out 345 hp (after Ford’s initial claim of “well over 315 hp”) and 325 ft-lb of torque, or 347 under “over-boost” conditions (for 15 seconds under full-throttle acceleration)
• Torque-vectoring AWD system with a clutch pack at each rear wheel that allows 70% of the engine torque to reach the rear wheels, and 100% of that to be applied to the outer rear wheel when cornering
• 6-speed manual transmission with multiple driving modes, including a “drift” setting for hanging out the rear end around the track
• Aggressive Michelin Pilot 235/35R19 tires (either Pilot Super Sport summer tires or Pilot Cup Sport 2 track tires with sticky, race-oriented rubber compound) on 19-inch rims

Few can argue about the appeal of such a combination. To go with the new running gear, the suspension and brakes will be upgraded to handle all of the power and speed, and the exterior will see some updating to give the car a more aggressive look. The interior gets some attention too, most notably with Recaro racing buckets to hold you in place when you start to get crazy out on the track or rally roads.

What’s the Connection With CJ Pony Parts?

As those who know us can guess, we were more than a little excited when we heard Ford was creating a new performance car. We already supply parts for Ford’s hottest cars, both new and classic, and we’re working hard to prepare for the upcoming 2016 Ford Focus RS.

We will continue to work with the top automotive aftermarket suppliers to provide useful performance and style upgrades for the 2016 RS. Our online catalog is easy to search by model and year, which means you can find the performance parts that suit your exact car. No guessing, no modifying, just high-quality parts and accessories at great prices for your Ford performance vehicle.

If you check out our Focus ST catalog, for example, you’ll see some popular replacement and upgrade parts, such as:

• Wheels in tires in 18-inch and 19-inch sizes
• Turbochargers, cold-air intake and blow-off valves
• Suspension coils, shocks, and anti-sway bars
• Spoilers, headlights and other trim pieces

You can be sure our Focus RS lineup will include these and many other parts and accessories. Ford has done a fantastic job engineering a new king in the “hot hatch” arena, and we know you’ll want to go a step further and personalize your Focus RS. We will do what it takes to defend our reputation as THE place to go for custom Ford performance.

What Is the Ford Focus RS Up Against?

The RS joins a small but competitive market segment. Already at the Focus ST level there aren’t too many contenders, but when you step up to Focus RS levels, there are really only two other names: VW and Subaru. VW competes by way of the Golf R and Subaru with its legendary WRX STI. If there is one car to beat it’s the Subaru, which created the whole “everyman’s rally car” phenomenon in the U.S. and is generally regarded as the class leader.

What we know about the Focus RS has us convinced WRX STI is going to have to hand its performance crown over when the RS hits the market in 2016. And here’s why:

Power: The RS out-powers the STI with an extra 40 horsepower and 35 ft-lb of torque
AWD: A pioneer in performance AWD, the STI may not be a slouch, but it’s about to be eclipsed by the torque-vectoring marvel that is the Focus RS
Drivability: The Subaru is known for its rally prowess but tends to beat up on the driver in day-to-day use. Ford engineers have stated the Focus RS will tread that fine line between outright performance, ride and handling, and being the kind of car you want to drive every day.

There are a few unknowns, like the weight of the Focus RS and the exact list of standard and optional equipment, but it’s clear Ford didn’t aim to simply compete, but aimed to rewrite the rules for the rally-type hatchback. Toss in the aggressive front air dam, rear diffuser and ground effects, and the Focus RS is guaranteed to have the WRX STI and Golf R more than a little nervous.

We won’t be able to report actual performance figures like 0-60 times, skidpad grip or braking distances until closer to the RS’s release in the U.S., but here at CJ Pony Parts we feel the 2016 Ford Focus RS specs are proof it will be the most competent AWD sports compact on the market.

Why Does This Car Matter?

In and of itself, the Focus RS should interest any performance fan, because:

• Almost 350 hp out of a 2.3L engine is a feat even the most die-hard classic V8 fan can recognize; and
• The trick torque-vectoring AWD system is also worthy of respect.

But the Focus RS is part of a larger strategy at Ford to become a truly authentic and leading performance vehicle brand. The buzz around Ford’s performance lineup on the 2015 auto show circuit was undeniable.

All painted in a new, rich metallic blue color, the king-of-the-hill Fiesta and Mustang models were joined with the next-generation Raptor off-road pickup and the top-secret Ford GT exotic, an EcoBoosted V6 sports car designed to challenge the Italians at their own game. Add to those the Focus RS, and you have the most complete and intense lineup for automotive enthusiasts out there.

It’s one thing to build a top-dollar exotic car, but Ford wants to offer an exhilarating automotive experience for all budgets. That’s why the 2016 Ford Focus RS is so exciting. It’s not a dream car none of us can imagine owning. It’s a power- and technology-dense compact hatch with a split personality that allows it to be driven hard on the weekend and also serve as a daily commuter, albeit a very fun one.

And pricing is expected to be in line with the competition, which is to say somewhere between 35 and 40 grand. Serious money, to be sure, but also serious performance, which means the Focus RS should actually turn out to be some great bang for your buck.

When Can I Buy A Ford Focus RS?

Production is set to start in spring 2016, so now is the time to contact your local Ford dealer and start saving your pennies. There is no word on production volumes yet, but you can be sure that the Focus RS is going to be a hot commodity, so we encourage everyone to start inquiring now.

And your next question is probably “When can I start tuning it with the help of CJ Pony Parts?”

We are already working to create our catalog of parts and accessories designed specifically for the 2016 Focus RS as we write this. Our comprehensive lineups of Fiesta ST and Focus ST performance parts are proof of our focus on Ford’s sports hatches, so it’s only natural we will put the same effort, passion and attention to detail into our Focus RS lineup.

Watch for the same easy-to-use catalog with large color pictures, detailed specifications and clear pricing information. We offer fast, free shipping on virtually every order, and all without a minimum order requirement. Basically, it’s the same great CJ Pony Parts service and reputation, extended to cover the exciting Focus RS.

And since our customers are used to the top names in aftermarket performance, such as Bilstein, Eibach, MagnaFlow, Ford Racing and Steeda, we’re working with these and other top-quality brands to create some truly innovative and impressive Ford Focus RS parts and accessories.

Take a peek now at some of the fantastic products we carry for Mustang, Bronco, F-150, Focus and Fiesta, and you’ll see just how comprehensive our catalog is. Why not create your account today? It only takes a few minutes, and that way you’re ready to start ordering when the RS hits the streets.

And to keep on top of 2016 Ford Focus RS updates, along with the parts and accessories we’re adding to our catalog, we invite you to sign up for our CJ Pony Parts email newsletter. We’ll keep you informed as we receive information about the Focus RS as it gets closer to production. There is still lots to learn about:

• The RS braking package: Word is Brembo brakes will be standard.
• Interior options: Expect lots of high-tech goodies and infotainment connectivity.
• Stability, traction and cornering aids: The RS will feature the best of Ford electronics.
• Specifications and performance: Weight, acceleration, braking, handling … lots of unknowns.

Now that you’ve learned the most up-to-date info on what is promising to be one of the most exciting performance cars of 2016, the Ford Focus RS, follow the link to our email newsletter and watch your inbox for regular CJ Pony Parts updates, promotions, and more.

Do We Sound Excited About the Ford Focus RS?

If we seem enthusiastic about the prospects of helping you customize and personalize your 2016 Ford Focus RS, it’s because we love Ford performance here at CJ Pony Parts. A visit to our catalog will prove it. Feel free to contact us by phone or by internet if you have any questions, and check back often.

We are constantly adding to our catalog of performance parts for new and classic Ford vehicles and hope to soon show you what we have in store for the 2016 RS. You might even have an idea for some great Focus RS parts and accessories, so we’d love to hear from you! We work closely with our suppliers to offer the variety and choice you want, so we’re always happy to have your input.

The wait may seem long, but it will be worth it when you get the keys to your own 2016 Ford Focus RS and fire it up for the first time.

It’s shaping up to be the near-perfect combination of power, technology and driving exhilaration, and all that will be left is to add your few custom touches with the help of CJ Pony Parts. We’re convinced it will be the new king in the performance “hot hatch” category and the new standard by which the competition will be measured.