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Are you hoping to get your classic Ford F-100 up and running once more? If so, it would behoove you to ensure that your rig has the correct F-100 Wheels & Tires. A new set of Ford F-100 wheels can announce your truck’s rebirth to the world, and adding larger F100 tires can help create an aggressive stance. CJ’s is dedicated to helping you find not only the proper F-100 wheels & tires, but everything that you need to spruce up your wheel well. If you want the best wheels & wheel accessories for F-100s, CJ’s is the place to go!

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Wheels & Tires

Though the vehicle ended production over 30 years ago, the Ford F-100 still maintains a devoted following to this day. Because it played such a major role in the growing popularity and evolution of the Ford F-Series, the F-100 presents a timeless aura that will not fade any time soon.

Since the Ford F-100 is such a multi-purpose pickup, Ford owners have countless possibilities as to how to differentiate their rigs from the pack. If you are eager to take your truck to the next level, both visually and performance-wise, a new set of F-100 wheels & tires would certainly do the trick!

The Ford F-100 wheels are the lifeblood of your vehicle, and it has never been easier to revamp your classic truck’s wheel well. Replacing stock rims with larger F-100 wheels is a popular upgrade that many Ford owners take make, in order to increase off-roading capabilities and enhance the truck’s appearance at the same time.

If you are thinking about increasing the size of your F-100 wheels, it is imperative to purchase matching F-100 tires, in order to achieve all of your goals on the trail. In addition to creating a more aggressive stance, adding larger F-100 tires will reduce the tire’s sidewall height, which will improve your overall handling capabilities. Once you have installed your new F-100 wheels and Ford F-100 tires, you are ready for both the open highway and the wilderness!

Because many off-roading trails do not feature the smoothest of driving surfaces, it is imperative for you to constantly check on the condition of your F-100 wheels and tires. If it has been awhile since you made any changes to your wheel well, your current Ford F-100 wheels & F-100 tires have likely suffered a fair amount of damage from either natural wear and tear or road debris over time.

Bent or crooked F-100 wheels can cause increased vibration at higher speeds, which can be detrimental to your truck’s suspension system. If your stock F-100 wheels are bent or damaged in any way, it would be wise to replace them as soon as possible.

Find the Best F-100 Wheels & Wheel Accessories at CJ’s

Are you thinking about restoring your classic Ford truck? If so, don’t forget about the Ford F-100 wheels and F-100 tires! Without the proper F-100 wheels & tires, your rig will simply be a collection of attractive sheet metal that won’t be able to move. Similarly, without the proper F-100 wheel accessories, your rims would not remain attached nor rotate properly.

Luckily for you, CJ’s carries a nice selection of F-100 wheel accessories that will help improve your truck’s performance on the terrain and take your already-exciting driving experience to the next level! Be sure to note your rig’s correct year before you purchase any F-100 wheel accessories from CJ’s.

If you're restoring a classic F-100, then you're probably on the hunt for some reproduction hubcaps. If you're looking for new hubcaps that look just like the ones originally found on your F-100's 15" factory wheels CJ’s has you covered! CJ’s offers stunning pairs of 15" chrome hubcaps with a red center emblem, which will add some major curb appeal to your rig. These OEM-style reproductions are made of sturdy stainless steel material, while using original Ford tooling. These F-100 wheel accessories are proudly made in the USA and resistant to both tarnish and rust.

In addition to premium hub caps, CJ’s offers all-inclusive F-100 Lug Nut Wrench Kits, which will allow you to remove and tighten your rig’s lug nuts with ease. The wrench found in these kits feature a telescoping handle, which extends 21” in order to increase leverage, and will work on both deep dish and F-100 wheels with recessed lug holes.

Once your wheel well is all squared away, why not continue revamping your classic truck? While you’re on the site, be sure to check out CJ’s collection of F-100 lighting and suspension parts!