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Are you looking to give your Ford F-150 a more personalized look? If the answer is ‘yes’, adding a custom set of F-150 Wheels & Tires would be an excellent place to begin! Swapping out your factory F-150 wheels for new ones can help lift your truck higher off the ground while giving your vehicle a more aggressive stance. After you have selected new F-150 wheels, the addition of matching F-150 tires can help your truck look amazing in no time! If you are searching for new F-150 wheels and Ford F-150 tires, look no further than CJ Pony Parts!

Though your Ford F-150 leaves the factory as a well-oiled, off-roading machine, there is always room for improvement. Because the F-150 is such a popular truck in the United States, many Ford owners often flock to their favorite aftermarket retailers to load up on upgraded parts for their vehicle. Among the many reasons as to why Ford drivers to seek out aftermarket upgrades, the desire to improve the truck’s overall appearance and to help the pickup stand out from the pack are chief among them. Though most F-150 bodies closely resemble one another, the F-150 wheels & F-150 tires come in all models and sizes.

When it comes to F-150 wheels, in the eyes of many Ford drivers, bigger means better. The bigger the Ford F-150 wheels, the more performance capabilities that are available. Adding larger F-150 wheels is a popular upgrade that many Ford owners do in order to increase off-roading capabilities while giving their pickups a more menacing appearance. If you are thinking about updating your F-150 wheels, it is important to locate the correct F-150 tires that directly correspond with your ambitions. Obviously, the need for larger F-150 wheels comes the need for bigger F-150 tires. Once you have installed your new Ford F-150 wheels and F-150 tires, you are ready for whatever lies in your path, either on or off of the road.

Even if you are not as concerned about what others think of your truck, it still important for you to check on the condition of your F-150 wheels and Ford F-150 tires. After many years of battling the crowded highways and the terrain, your F-150 wheels could literally become bent out of shape. Bent F-150 rims can cause increased vibration, particularly at higher speeds, which can be detrimental to your truck’s suspension system.

Similarly, your F-150 tires will undoubtedly face uneven road surfaces throughout their lifespan, which if not treated properly, could severely harm their rubber material. Operating your truck with Ford F-150 tires that are not properly inflated could negatively affect your truck’s handling ability, and could leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere if you are not careful!

Great Deals on F-150 Wheels & Tires at CJ Pony Parts

If you are looking to take your Ford truck to the next level, it would be wise to shop around for new F-150 wheels and Ford F-150 tires. CJ Pony Parts would love to assist you with all of your F-150 wheel and tire needs! Ranging from direct-fit replacement F-150 wheels to premium F-150 tires, to F-150 wheel accessories, CJ Pony Parts has everything that you need in order to upgrade your wheel well! Be sure to make note of your truck’s particular year and model before you purchase any F-150 wheels and Ford F-150 tires from CJ’s.

CJ Pony Parts offers a growing selection of 20” F-150 wheels from a variety of respected vendors. CJ’s selection of 20” F-150 wheels are deep-dish style, which will provide a subtle, yet noticeable upgrade to your wheel well. The outer rim and deep lip on these F-150 rims help create an aggressive look that many Ford owners are searching for. CJ’s offers quality Ford F-150 wheels either individually or as complete sets of four. Be sure to make note of the wheels’ backspacing, bolt pattern, and offset before you make your final purchase.

In addition to quality Ford F-150 tires and F-150 TPMS tools, CJ Pony Parts offers a wide selection of lug nut kits. If you have purchased any new-model F-150 wheels, chances are that your factory lug nuts will no longer fit. In order to remedy this common dilemma, the fine folks from Gorilla offer kits that feature both open-ended and locking lug nuts, which will help you install any aftermarket F-150 rims on your truck. Even if you wish to keep your factory F-150 rims, these lug nuts will add a more flush appearance to your stock wheels.

Once you have selected the appropriate F-150 wheels and F-150 tires, you are ready to customize the rest of your truck. While you’re on the site, feel free to check out CJ’s selection of F-150 exhaust and interior parts!