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Have you recently opened the door to your Ford F-100 only to be welcomed by a puddle of water? Are you hearing any windy noises inside the cabin as you are cruising down the highway in your Ford truck? If you can relate to either scenario above, it would be wise to check on the condition of your F-100 Weatherstripping. Ford F-100 weatherstrips play an essential role in keeping your pickup dry, safe, and free of any unwanted noises from the outside. If you are searching for the best F-100 weatherstrip parts on the market, CJ’s is the place to go!

Restoring an F-100’s body & sheet metal is a strenuous process, but it also takes a fair amount of time and effort to rebuild the interior as well. Though the inner cabin does not require as many hard-to-find components as the exterior, tracking down all of those concours correct F-100 interior parts can be challenging at times.

After you install your new F-100 seats, steering wheel and interior trim, how would you like to see all of your hard work washed away, thanks to a heavy dose of rain or snow? The truck’s body & sheet metal has to battle the elements, but your interior should remain dry at all times. Thankfully, your Ford truck is equipped with enough F-100 weatherstripping to keep water where it belongs: outside of the pickup!

Ford F-100 weatherstrips help seal the cracks and crevices across your doors and windows in order to keep your truck’s interior dry. F-100 weatherstrips must be strong enough to withstand the routine opening and closing of the doors and windows, while providing a quick cover for the brief exposure to the elements. Every individual F100 weatherstrip is specifically designed to not only prevent water from entering the inner cabin, but to also keep out those annoying wind-induced noises from the outside.

Very few truck parts are meant to last forever, and this especially rings true for every F-100 weatherstrip on your pickup. After many years of keeping your interior dry, your factory F-100 weatherstrips will eventually run their course. Due to the constant exposure to the elements as well as the heavy flow of water every time that you wash your truck, your F-100 weatherstrips can become brittle, and will eventually break apart and fall off in chunks.

If even a single F-100 weatherstrip becomes compromised, water will be able to easily enter your inner cabin, which will cause stains and irreparable damage to your truck’s interior. The best way to avoid any long-term problems is to swap out any damaged whiskers for new F100 weatherstrips as soon as possible.

Find the Best F-100 Weatherstrip Parts at CJ’s

Are you thinking about reviving your classic Ford truck? If so, don’t forget about the F-100 weatherstripping! Without dependable F100 weatherstrips, all of those interior upgrades that you have in mind would be rendered worthless following the next rainstorm or trip to the carwash. Whatever weatherstripping needs that your iconic Ford truck has, CJ’s would love to help. CJ’s carries a large selection of F100 weatherstrips and weatherstrip accessories that will keep your truck’s inner cabin dry for many years to come! Be sure to note your pickup’s year and model before you purchase any Ford F100 weatherstrips from CJ’s.

No matter what section of your Ford truck that you are looking to keep dry, CJ’s has you covered! CJ’s sells F-100 weatherstripping for all areas of your pickup, including the windshield, the rear windows, the doors, and much more. These new F-100 weatherstrips are direct-fit replacements for your original whiskers, and have been formulated to last much longer than many factory alternatives. These replacement F-100 weatherstrips will mold right into the correct location using auto adhesive AD3M, and will remain in place, despite constantly facing a heavy flow of water and wind.

Rather than purchasing an individual F-100 weatherstrip, it would be a good idea to invest in one of CJ’s weatherstripping kits. These kits come with or without groove for chrome, and contain F-100 weatherstrips for the windshield, driver-side door, passenger-side door, and for the rear glass area. Each seal is made right here in the USA out of high-quality rubber, and will easily attach in the correct location.

In addition to individual weatherstrips and kits, CJ’s offers adhesive materials that can help bond weatherstripping to all of the truck’s cracks and crevices. Once you have purchased the correct Ford F-100 weatherstrips, be sure to check out CJ’s collection of F-100 lighting and suspension parts as well!