2004 Mustang Cat Back Exhaust

Mustang Cat Back Exhaust Kits

2004 Mustang Cat Back Exhaust

Mustang Cat Back Exhaust Kits
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2004 Cat Back Exhaust Kits

A cat back exhaust system is the perfect first step towards the Mustang of your dreams, and CJ Pony Parts has an exceptional selection. 2004 Mustang cat back exhaust systems include everything to replace your existing exhaust system beginning at the catalytic converter. Custom-shaped tubing, mufflers, resonators and hardware come standard in each package. If your stock 2004 Mustang cat back exhaust system doesn’t deliver the aggressive sound you’re looking for, or if it is showing sings of wear, take a look at some of the offerings from Borla, Flowmaster, Steeda and more, available at great low prices through CJ Pony Parts.

Ford Mustang Cat Back Exhaust

The potent six and eight-cylinder engines available in the 2004 Mustang make it a great candidate for a custom cat back exhaust system, and CJ Pony Parts offers options for both engine types. But just how does a 2004 Mustang’s cat back exhaust improve your car’s sound and performance?

• Increased horsepower and torque: By allowing your engine to work against less resistance, a cat back exhaust will help your Mustang produce more horsepower and torque than the restrictive stock 2004 Mustang exhaust system. Thanks to modern technology, performance cat back exhaust systems not only deliver more peak power, but also a consistent increase that you can feel throughout the power band during every-day driving.
• Throttle response: The same backpressure that robs your car of power also makes it rev slower. By upgrading to a performance cat back system, you will realize more immediate power delivery throughout the rev range because of the decreased load on your engine.
• A Signature sound: The stock 2004 Mustang exhaust doesn’t let your car fully express itself. Thankfully, CJ Pony Parts has selected some of the best sounding cat back exhaust systems available for the 2004 Mustang. Whether your car is a v6 or v8 model, you’ll hear the difference as soon as you bolt one of these custom systems up and turn the key.
• Exceptional build quality: When a brand like Flowmaster builds a 2004 Mustang cat back exhaust, they bring years of product knowledge to the game. That means everything will fit right, the first time. These kits include the full compliment of mounting hardware. Many of the 2004 Mustang exhaust systems we offer at CJ Pony Parts even include comprehensive installation instructions and manufacturer warranties!

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