2006 Mustang Radiators


Without a properly working radiator, your Mustang will rapidly suffer from heat stroke - and possibly a seriously damaged engine and transmission. Radiators are responsible for holding anti-freeze (coolant) that passes through your Mustang's engine block. Once there, the coolant absorbs engine heat, becomes hot and then passes into the radiator's inlet tank located at the side or on top.

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2006 Radiators

The heated coolant is then dispersed across the core of the radiator via tubes which transfer the heat to components called fins. Situated between each tube row, fins expedite release of heat to the surrounding air so the cooled coolant can be returned to the engine block.

Signs There May Be a Problem With Your Radiator

Signs of a malfunctioning 2006 Mustang radiator include fluctuating coolant levels due to torn radiator fins or a damaged radiator hose. You can sometimes diagnose coolant leakage using a pressure tester. It shows you where a possible leak is by applying pressure to your radiator system.

Is the coolant discolored or muddy? Clogged fins may make coolant look murky, while cheaper coolants can create clogs in the fins by leaving debris deposits. Try flushing your 2006 Mustang radiator and replacing old coolant with new to see if that helps. If the coolant continues to turn dark, you'll probably need a new radiator.

Having “cool spots” on your car's radiator could occur due to internal or external blockage. A radiator flush may help eliminate cool spots, but serious blockages will require you to replace the radiator. You should also be aware that an overheating engine doesn't mean your radiator is bad. It could be a failing thermostat (a valve controlling the amount of coolant flowing in and out of the radiator) or a bad water pump. Water pumps force coolant through the engine block so your engine's temperature remains steady. When coolant isn't circulated properly, your car will likely overheat.

Ford Performance Aluminum 2006 Mustang Radiator

CJ Pony Parts offers a direct-fit, high-caliber aluminum radiator engineered specifically to work with your 2005-2014 GT Mustang. This 2006 Mustang radiator is rated 700 horsepower and is enhanced with dynamic cross-flow design that effectively cools the hottest racing engine. CJ Pony Part's Ford Performance 2006 Mustang Radiator kit includes all fittings and brackets you need to accommodate factory AC condensers and electric fans. The Ford Performance radiator also fits both automatic and manual Mustang transmissions.

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