2013 Mustang Steering


2013 Mustang Steering

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2013 Steering

In 2011, Ford introduced their Electronic Power Assisted Steering system, also known as EPAS. This electronically controlled steering system has become the standard steering system on all new Ford Mustangs. It has been used in all Mustangs since then, including the 2013 Mustang. Although there is very little to improve on in this steer-by-wire system, Mustang owners can still upgrade the look and feel of their steering with premium parts. At CJ Pony parts, you’ll find a number of premium 2013 Mustang steering parts designed to enhance driver experience — high-quality parts at low, everyday pricing.

How the 2013 Mustang Steering System Works

Prior to 2011, Ford Mustangs were equipped with the old hydraulic power-assisted, rack-and-pinion style steering system. Although some Mustang drivers may be wary of additional electronics and sensors, there are several key benefits to the new electronic power assisted steering system. Mustang drivers can enjoy increased horsepower, better gas mileage and precision handling.

The hydraulic pump and hydraulic fluid have been eliminated in this system. This reduces weight and increases response and efficiency. Previous rack-and-pinion Mustang steering design included a reservoir of hydraulic fluid with lines being fed to the steering column and rotary valve. As the driver turned the wheel, a valve would open allowing hydraulic fluid to flow and assist as needed.

The new electronic power-assisted steering instead relies on electronic sensors and computer software. Also commonly referred to as steer-by-wire, the 2013 Mustang steering system receives electronic input from motions on the steering wheel and electronically controls power assistance based on driver input. This new design provides quick, on-center steering response in a variety of driving scenarios.

Ford engineers spent a lot of time designing this electronic steering system and even include three different steering modes depending on driver preference. Select sport for a harder/stiffer steering feel or comfort for easier steering control. Additionally, the steering response will vary depending on speed. More power assist is available at lower speeds, and less is available at higher speeds.

Upgrading Your 2013 Mustang Steering System

Take a look at our huge online catalog, and you’ll find 2013 Mustang steering parts and accessories such as the Ford GT500 leather and Alcantara steering wheel. This premium steering wheel is designed to work with all Ford Mustangs 2011 and up, and it features luxurious black leather with Alcantara grip. You can easily enhance the feel of your 2013 Mustang steering with this plush yet functional steering wheel.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade, or you’re in need of replacement parts, CJ Pony Parts has all the 2013 Mustang steering parts you need. Check out our online catalog or give us a call, and we’ll help you get your 2013 Mustang steering parts today.

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