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Are you looking to provide your pickup with the ultimate protection from all of the hazards of the trail? Because unpredictability goes hand-in-hand with off-roading, when it comes to the safety of your vehicle, you can never be too careful. If you are looking to fully protect your pickup, it would be wise to browse through CJ’s collection of AVS truck parts. Whether it be hood moldings, window protectors, or any other protective gear, AVS has you covered. If you are searching for the best AVS parts on the web, look no further than CJ’s!

The automotive industry is loaded with family-run businesses that rose from humble beginnings to become household names across the United States. Though the company name has been shortened from its original label, the AVS brand and what the organization stands for has certainly stood the test of time.

In the midst of the Great Depression, Jacksonville, Florida, native Asa Phillips started an automotive company called Auto Ventshade in 1935. The latter half of the company’s name derived from the Ventshade product. The Ventshade was an innovative device that mounted above car windows and allowed in natural air while keeping out any precipitation.

Looking to the future but still attempting to honor the past at the same time, Mr. Phillips’ son, Asa Phillips Jr., later oversaw the development of the Ventvisor project. Building off of the success of the Ventshade, the famed Ventvisor became one of the most trusted side window deflectors on the market. Made out of plastic instead of metal, the development of the Ventvisor demonstrated the company’s determination to evolve to meet the popular trends and the needs of its ever-growing customer base.

In 1998, Lund International acquired AVS, but despite the change at the top, the brand and the Ventshade product remained as popular as ever. In addition to the Ventshade, AVS began to develop and distribute a host of truck protection parts for a number of automotive brands.

Founded by and for truck enthusiasts, the fine folks at AVS have expanded their product line over the years in order to offer top-flight protection from the elements, flying debris, and anything else that could hinder your driving experience. Before you romp through the trail on your next off-roading excursion, it would behoove you to arm your pickup with as much protection from AVS as possible!

CJ’s is your one-stop-shop for the best AVS truck parts around! In order to accommodate a wide-range of pickup owners, CJ’s sells AVS window deflectors and hood moldings for Ford F-150s, Chevy Colorados & Silverados, Dodge Rams, and Toyota Tacomas & Tundras. The AVS hood deflectors from CJ’s protect against rocks and other debris as they ricochet away from the hood, fender, and windshield.

Also known as bug defectors, the AVS hood deflectors are custom molded and engineered for a perfect fit. These AVS hood deflectors are wear-and-tear resistant and easy to install without any drilling required!

In addition to bug deflectors, CJ’s sells AVS window deflectors that easily mount on the outside of your pickup. The AVS window deflectors allow fresh air to circulate while keeping rain out and reducing wind noise. Sold either individually or in pairs, these AVS window deflectors are both UV and scratch-resistant and car wash safe.

Be sure to note your truck’s brand before you purchase any AVS components from CJ’s. What are you waiting for? Head over to CJ’s for premium AVS truck parts today!