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Nothing beats those summer days, driving along the open roads in your ‘Stang. However, if you live in a climate where air conditioning is all but required, you might want to look into adding it or fixing the broken unit in your classic or Fox Body Mustang. Summer days are almost always fun, but with some cool air, they’re even better. With our inventory from Classic Auto Air, you can easily find everything you need for adding or fixing air conditioners. Order Classic Auto Air parts from CJ Pony Parts today and keep your Mustang's interior cool, even in the worst heat.

Keep That Cool Air In

While baking in the sun or garage, your Ford Mustang’s interior can reach extreme high temperatures, giving you a rude awaking when opening the door to step in. We’ve all experienced an intolerable heat wave and a too-hot-to-touch steering wheel, and we know that having a working air conditioner is crucial in the heat of summer.

That’s why at CJ Pony Parts, we offer the best systems, kits, and accessories from Classic Auto Air. These parts offer top-of-the-line quality and are designed to be a perfect fit for almost any Mustang. Our selection from Classic Auto Air includes, but isn’t limited to:

• Engine Fan Blade 15” 6-Cylinder with Air Conditioning
• Daily Driver Air Conditioning System with Uncoated Compressor R134-A for use with Alternator 260/289
• Air Conditioning Vacuum Canister
• Water Pump Pulley 5-3/4” 2-Groove V8
• Air Conditioner Expansion Valve
• Air Conditioning Vacuum Hose Kit
• Sanden Compressor Air Conditioning Upgrade Kit 5.0L
• Air Conditioner Defrost Duct
• In-Dash Air Conditioning System

Because we know firsthand how much it can cost to maintain a Mustang, we offer all of our parts at the lowest prices possible.

Classic Auto Air began in the mid-1970s when owner Al Sedita took some time off of the NHRA circuit to attend college, and used his spare time to buy and sell used Corvettes and Rolls-Royce cars. As a resident of Tampa, Florida, he quickly learned that selling these cars without air conditioning wasn't working. Taking matters into his own hands, he designed a high performance air conditioning system that fit right into the dash, giving these cars a stock appearance. The systems became so popular that, in 1977, he stopped selling cars and instead began to sell air conditioning systems, and Classic Auto Air was born. By 1981, Classic Auto Air had manufactured their first Mustang air conditioning system, along with dozens of reproductions of factory air conditioning parts. In 1982, Classic Auto Air was formally incorporated.

Over the next several decades, Classic Auto Air introduced a steady stream of new products, including their “Perfect Fit” series. These products from Classic Auto Air are designed to fit a specific model year, body style and engine combination, so you can be assured that everything is going to go together perfectly. By 2005, Classic Auto Air opened a second facility in Fort Worth, Texas, which soon expanded to a new facility in Grapevine, Texas. At both facilities, Classic Auto Air not only sells and manufactures their products, but they also do full installations and repairs on site, allowing Mustang owners to get their cars worked on by the best in the business—Classic Auto Air.

Feel That Cool Air

CJ Pony Parts offers over 400 parts from Classic Auto Air, fitting both classic and Fox Body Mustangs. These Classic Auto Air parts include virtually anything for an air conditioning system, and more. Order these parts for your Mustang today.