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There’s a lot to love about the JK Wrangler. It retains the ability to be a scrappy, go anywhere and do anything kind of off-roader, while also being a more refined and modern vehicle. Because of the JK’s versatility, there are plenty of ways to use it and reasons to upgrade it.

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Third Generation Jeep Wrangler: The JK

The JK Wrangler has an entirely new platform from its predecessor: the TJ. Although wider, its shorter wheelbase and larger wheel and tire options from the factory means that the JK can be considerably more capable on the trails before having to draw upon its extensive pool of aftermarket upgrades.

While there is an appeal to spartan Wrangler models like the TJ, all of the technological upgrades to the JK Wrangler can hardly be called frivolous. Features such as power windows, remotely locking doors, and a navigation system all made their Wrangler debut with the JK. These technological advances weren’t all just for comfort, however.

As much as its tough for some enthusiasts to hear, having an onboard computer can seriously ramp up a Wrangler’s performance. The TJ certainly wasn’t a slouch, but the technological advances on the JK really give it a leg up. Things as simple as ABS brakes and traction control were entirely absent on previous Wranglers. Additionally, the electronically disconnecting sway bar was introduced on the JK Rubicons. If you are looking for a vehicle that can be both a tool and a toy, then a JK Wrangler is a great option.

Speaking of versatility, the JK was the first Wrangler model to be predominantly sold with four doors. The JK Unlimited Wranglers don’t make any compromises to provide more interior space. Regardless of their added length, they are basically just as nimble as their two-door counterparts. Just think about it, where else will you find a four-doored, off-road capable convertible?

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