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At CJ Pony Parts, we understand the passion Swedish enthusiasts have for their Mustangs. Shop our site for all the parts you need to make your ride stand out from the rest. CJ Pony Parts provides competitive pricing and fast shipping across Sweden.

Swedish Mustang Enthusiasts Choose CJ's

We know how much Swedish Mustang owners value getting quality parts at reasonable prices. Whether you're working on a classic Mustang or a modern S650, we make it easy to modify or restore your Mustang with quality parts from top brands. Checkout is simple with automatic currency conversion to the Swedish Krona and multiple accepted payment methods.

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Our commitment to Swedish Mustang owners goes beyond parts and accessories. We offer thousands of how-tos, buying guides, spec articles, and installation videos to help you complete your Mustang projects. Our dedicated crew of automotive experts and enthusiasts is here to help get you back on the road in no time.