Mustang ABS Sensors

Mustang ABS Sensors At CJ Pony Parts

Mustang ABS Sensors

Mustang ABS Sensors At CJ Pony Parts

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ABS Sensors

Ensuring that your brake system is operating in top condition in imperative to the safety of yourself and your passengers. That's why it's important to make sure your Mustang ABS Sensors are also up to spec, especially when you frequent those curvy back roads and high speed runs at the local drag strip. It's no question that the braking system is the most important safety feature of a Mustang, so be sure to check your Mustang's ABS system and check out CJ Pony Parts for all your replacement parts!

There is absolutely no question when it comes to making sure your braking system is working in tip-top shape. This is not only for performance reasons, but also for your safety and other people in the vehicle. If your Mustang's ABS system isn't working correctly, that could cause you to skid uncontrollably and get into an accident, causing damage to your car and potentially yourself.

Symptoms Of A Bad ABS Sensor

The obvious indicator of whether or not something is wrong with your ABS system would be the light on your dashboard. Most late model Mustangs will have an ABS light on their gauge cluster. If this light turns on and either blinks or stays steady, you should take your Mustang to the dealer as soon as possible to get your ABS system checked out.

On a very basic level, the ABS system, or anti-lock brake system's job is to prevent your tires from skidding in the event of an emergency braking situation. It does this by sensing which tires are skidding and readjusting braking power to each wheel individually to get the car to a halt as quickly as possible. Before ABS, this would be called threshold braking, but now the ABS system does that for us. So, if you go to slam on the brakes and your car just skids, then there could be something wrong with the ABS system.

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