Mustang A/C Components 1964-2009

Is your Mustang’s A/C unit acting up? If so, it is best to get to the root of the problem before you think about making any wholesale changes to your heating & cooling system. Instead of replacing the unit altogether, it’s possible that one of your Mustang’s air conditioning components is out of whack. You may not be able to see them, but your car is loaded with Mustang A/C Components that work together in order to cool down the cabin. If you want the best Mustang A/C components around, CJ’s is the place to go.

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Air Conditioning Components

In the early days of the Ford Mustang, not every pony car featured an air conditioning system. If those unlucky muscle car owners wanted to experience any cool air while they were driving, they would have to lower the windows or push the quarter window glass open. The fresh air provided only a brief reprieve however, as hearing the noises from the outside would grow tiring and the wind would be bring about an unhealthy amount of pressure at high-speeds.

Thankfully, every Mustang produced today comes with a fully-functional A/C unit, as a part of the car’s reliable heating & cooling system. The vehicle’s A/C unit is able to provide your inner cabin with cool air thanks to all the work done behind the scenes by the car’s Mustang A/C components. The Ford Mustang A/C components are some the vehicle’s unsung heroes, and their functionality can either make or break your driving experience.

Every pony car features an abundance of Mustang A/C components, including a Mustang air conditioning compressor, a condenser, an evaporator and much more. Together, all of the Mustang A/C components collaborate in order to manipulate the refrigerant inside the engine bay, and eventually, allow for cool air to blast through the vents within the Mustang interior.

Though it requires every one of them doing their jobs in order for the unit to prosper, it only takes one faulty Mustang air conditioning component to throw off the entire system. If the Mustang condenser is blocked due to the presence of foreign debris, the designated airflow path will be obstructed, which means that no cooling will be able to take place. Similarly, if the drain on the evaporator is blocked, mold will accumulate within the system, which will fill your cabin with foul odors. If you are noticing any unusual smells or if there simply is not enough cool air, it would be wise to swap out the impaired parts for new Mustang air conditioning components as soon as possible.

Find the Best Mustang A/C Components at CJ Pony Parts

Are you thinking about restoring your First Generation Mustang’s interior? If so, don’t forget to make sure that your vehicle’s heating & cooling system is in order! Without proper replacement Mustang air conditioning components, the summers would be even longer, and you would be sweating all over your new seats, seat covers, and other expensive interior upgrades. Luckily for you, CJ Pony Parts offers all of the Ford Mustang air conditioning components that you need in order to keep your interior cool on those hot summer days. Be sure to note your vehicle’s specific year and model before you purchase any Mustang AC components from CJ’s.

In order to accommodate a wide-range of heating & cooling needs, CJ Pony Parts sells all types of Mustang air conditioning parts, including replacement Mustang accumulators, discharge hoses, liquid lines, suction lines, and much more. These Mustang air conditioning parts will directly-replace your stock components, and be installed in the correct, factory location. If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, CJ Pony Parts sells air conditioning kits, which feature plenty of Mustang A/C components together. CJ’s carries a variety of A/C sets, including air conditioning eliminator kits, A/C upgrade kits, engine fastener kits, and more.

Please note that many of CJ’s Mustang air conditioning parts will only work with certain engine sizes. Additionally, be sure to check and see if the necessary mounting hardware is included before you make your final purchase.

Speaking of hardware, in addition to replacement Mustang A/C parts, CJ’s offers a number of hardware-only kits, which will help you tune up your A/C in no-time. Once you have stocked up on new Ford Mustang A/C components, why not revamp your heating system? While you’re on the site, be sure to check out CJ Pony Parts’ collection of Mustang heater cores, heater plenums, and more!