Mustang Body Side Moldings

Body Side Moldings

Mustang Body Side Moldings

Body Side Moldings

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Body Side Moldings

A Ford Mustang’s exterior is comprised of numerous different parts. While many of these parts are manufactured to provide the body and sheet metal with an increased layer of protection, some of them exist solely to make the car look more attractive. As it turns out, there is a part that does both of these things. Mustang Body Side Moldings help shield your Ford Mustangs from dents and dings, while adding to the vehicle’s curb appeal at the same time. CJ Pony Parts is the place to go for Mustang body side moldings and all other exterior parts to help secure your muscle car!

Though the body and sheet metal on a Mustang is sturdy and reliable, that does not mean that your Ford Mustang’s exterior is not susceptible to light damage. In a crowded parking lot or any other confined area, your Mustang is forced to withstand potential dings from people or other cars. Obviously, your vehicle is also at risk from damage when driving as well, thanks to rocks and other fallen debris on the road.

Eventually all of those minor dents and scratches will add up, and severely alter your car’s appearance. With the addition of Mustang exterior moldings, you will be able to protect your vehicle from shopping carts, adjacent car doors, and other pesky elements that may cause dents. Ford Mustang body side moldings are made of either aluminum, rubber, or stainless steel, and provides your pony car with an attractive trim along the side.

The Mustang body side moldings are attached to both sides of the car slightly below the door handles, to cover the areas that are the most vulnerable to damage. In addition to adding a new dimension to your car’s exterior, the Ford Mustang body side moldings help create a seal to keep moisture and excess air out of the cabin. Like every other exterior part, your original Mustang body side moldings can wear out over time. It is common for the classic Ford Mustang body side moldings to shrink and curl over time, making it impossible to reattach the original parts.

Installing new side moldings is a relatively easy process that requires only a few tools. After cleaning the surface and locating the proper measurements from the installation sheet, make two marks with a grease pencil to determine exactly where your new Ford Mustang body side decals are going. Once you have used masking tape to connect the two marks, apply a thin layer of the included adhesive substance to both sides of the car.

After removing the new side moldings from its packaging and placing the material onto one of the doors, and press down gently. Once you have removed the linear from underneath and secured the moldings onto on to the correct place, repeat the steps on the other doors. After you have given the side of your car a good cleaning, remove the original tape, and enjoy the top-flight and stylish protection of the Mustang body side moldings!

Find the Best Mustang Body Side Moldings at CJ Pony Parts

Like the Ford Mustangs themselves, Mustang body side moldings come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. Luckily for you, CJ Pony Parts offers a diverse selection of Ford Mustang body side moldings to best suit your particular car. Many of the side moldings offered at CJ’s are high-quality reproduction of the original Mustang door moldings, allowing you to help preserve the classic appearance of your first or second generation muscle car. In addition to Mustang moldings that cover the side of the vehicles, CJ Pony Parts offers body moldings that run between the front bumper cover and the front wheel well.

CJ’s offers Mustang moldings both individually and as complete kits. The Mustang body side molding kits feature a pair of front and rear fender moldings, a pair of door moldings, and a pair of front and rear quarter panel moldings. No set is truly complete without a complete set of quarter body side molding nuts from CJ’s.

If you’re looking to replace your existing Mustang body side moldings, there is a good chance that the rest of your body and sheet metal could use attention. CJ Pony Parts offers thousands of parts dedicated to improving your vehicle’s exterior, including Mustang dash assemblies, body kits, hood components, and more!