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When it comes time to upgrade your muscle car, wouldn’t it be great to be able to help your pony perform and sound better in one-fell-swoop? Well, by installing the right Mustang exhaust mods from the right brands, you can do just that! Whether you have a GT, V8, V6, or EcoBoost, there are exhaust systems designed to give your pony better sound and performance.

A new or upgraded Ford Mustang exhaust system can not only unlock all of your pony car’s hidden power but can also greatly enhance how your car sounds as you roll down the road. If your existing exhaust parts are in decent shape, something as simple as an aftermarket muffler can help give your car a much better sound and, because of the way many performance mufflers are designed, you'll also get some increased performance from your vehicle.

However, if you are looking to rev up your engine and put the pedal to the metal like never before, it might be a good idea to consider a new exhaust system entirely. One of the most popular Mustang exhaust upgrades available is a new Cat Back Exhaust System, and for good reason. A Ford Cat-Back Exhaust system is freer flowing than a stock setup, which will allow the engine to breathe better and create even more power as a result.

In order to save you both time and effort, CJ Pony Parts offers all-new Mustang Cat-Back Exhaust Systems from a number of the most trusted aftermarket Mustang exhaust brands in the business. These kits will replace all of the Mustang exhaust piping from the outlet of the catalytic converter to the end of the tailpipe. Generally, these Ford Mustang exhaust kits will give your pony car decent performance gains versus a stock exhaust, and depending on which set you purchase, it can definitely give your vehicle a much better sound as well.

A close cousin to the Cat-Back exhaust is the Axle-Back exhaust, and CJ’s offers a number of kits that can help you make the switch if you so desire. The Mustang Axle-Back exhaust kits are similar to Cat-Back setups, minus a new mid-pipe. The mid-pipe currently residing in your exhaust system can make or break your performance in a number of areas and could even limit the power gains in some circumstances.

If you are looking to truly elevate your exhaust system to a higher level, why not purchase new Mustang headers? In order to appeal to muscle car owners from all walks of life, CJ Pony Parts proudly offers both Mustang long tube headers and shorty headers. Both types of Mustang headers offer performance benefits, though long tube headers will generally offer bigger gains versus shorty headers. CJ’s also carries many other individual Mustang exhaust parts, including gaskets, bolts, individual pipes, and more.

One of the biggest considerations when choosing an upgraded Mustang exhaust system or part is how it is going to affect the sound of your pony car? Whether you're looking at classic Mustang exhaust parts or the hottest set of aftermarket rims for your brand new pony, CJ's has the selection you need to get the job done.

CJ Pony Parts always recommends listening to exhaust clips, like the ones posted on our website and YouTube channel, before making your purchase, so you can feel confident you're getting the best sounding system for your tastes in Ford Mustang exhaust.

Be sure to note your muscle car’s year as well as any specific fitment requirements before you make your final purchase from CJ’s. What are you waiting for? Head over to CJ Pony Parts for the best Mustang exhaust mods on the market today!