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Are you nearing the end of your Ford Mustang restoration process? If so, congratulations! After spending countless hours reviving your classic pony, you are probably ready to burn rubber in your fully-restored muscle car. Before you show off your First Generation car to the world however, why not add an extra dash of chrome to your vehicle’s exterior? Mustang Hood Moldings add the perfect finishing touch to any classic Ford Mustang, and can help your car stand out even more. If you are searching for quality hood moldings for Mustangs, look no further than CJ Pony Parts!

When you roll into town in your First Generation Ford Mustang, the front end of the car is the first thing that people will notice. The front end of a pony car is loaded with prominent parts, including the front bumper, the grille, and of course, the hood. Because these body & sheet metal parts are constantly on display for the general public, it is important for you to make sure that your car’s front end is free of unsightly rust and corrosion damage. Additionally, adding a touch of chrome to the car’s hood can help garner even more ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ from the masses.

That is where the Mustang hood moldings come into play! Ford Mustang hood moldings are mounted on the front edge of the hood in an effort to give the already-attractive body & sheet metal an extra dash of chrome. Mustang hood moldings are crafted to perfectly to compliment the natural curves and lines of a First Generation pony car, and attach seamlessly to the front end.

In addition to increasing your vehicle’s curb appeal, Mustang hood moldings assist in protecting the hood of your car from scratches, dents, and any form of flying debris. Attaching Mustang hood moldings can not only enhance your car’s appearance, but could also hide any imperfections on your vehicle’s exterior.

After many years of both protecting your hood and enhancing its appearance, your Ford Mustang hood moldings can become corroded or sustain damage from the elements. It is not uncommon for your original Mustang hood moldings to curl and shrink over time, thus making it impossible to reattach them to the hood of your car. Driving around with worn out Mustang hood moldings not only looks bad, but it could leave your hood unprotected from flying debris. If your Ford Mustang hood moldings have sustained damage or if they are missing all together, it would be wise to replace them as soon as possible!

Great Deals on Mustang Hood Moldings at CJ Pony Parts

Are you replacing the hood of your classic Ford Mustang? If so, it would be a good idea to supply your aftermarket hood with new Mustang hood moldings at the same time. Attaching old and worn out Mustang hood moldings to your new hood will diminish your new part’s appearance. Luckily for you, CJ Pony Parts offers a wide selection of hood moldings for Mustangs all throughout the First Generation. Be sure to note your pony car’s particular year and model before you purchase any Ford Mustang hood moldings from CJ’s.

CJ Pony Parts features a diverse array of Mustang hood moldings that can be suited to fit the needs of your particular muscle car. These Ford Mustang hood moldings are direct-fit replacements for the damaged or missing trim on your classic hood. Many of these Mustang hood moldings come with everything that you need in order to easily install them on the front edge of the hood. The aftermarket Mustang moldings from CJ’s are constructed from a durable OE aluminum material that is built to resist dents and road debris. The bright, anodized finish of these Ford Mustang hood moldings project a long lasting shine, and their design will accent the Mustang grille nicely when the hood is closed.

If you have already purchased new Mustang hood moldings and are simply looking for the tools to attach them, CJ’s offers inclusive molding retaining kits to help you get the job done. These complete sets come with everything that you need to quickly and efficiently mount your aftermarket Mustang hood moldings into place, including six retainers and six nuts. Instead of scrambling around to find the right hardware piece by piece, these kits will save you both time and effort before and during the installation process!

Now that you have selected the correct Ford Mustang moldings for your pony car, it is time to update the rest of your exterior trim. While you’re on the site, feel free browse through CJ Pony Parts’ selection of Mustang emblems, exterior door handles, and more!