Mustang Quarter Panel Moldings & Ornaments

Quarter Panel Moldings & Ornaments

Mustang Quarter Panel Moldings & Ornaments

Quarter Panel Moldings & Ornaments

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Quarter Panel Moldings & Ornaments

Is the rear of your Ford Mustang dull and lacking character in any way? Have your quarter panel extensions suffered a fair amount of dents and dings over the years? If you answered ‘yes’ to either of the previous questions, it would be wise to browse through CJ Pony Parts’ selection of Mustang Quarter Panel Moldings & Panel Ornaments. Mustang quarter panel moldings help protect the back of the car from various forms of damage. Ford Mustang quarter panel ornaments provide the perfect decorative touch, while helping add a vintage-appearance to your vehicle.

Restoring a First Generation Ford Mustang is a time honored tradition that can unite muscle car fans of all ages. While deciding that you want to restore your classic pony is easy, locating all of the concours correct Mustang parts, and subsequently installing them is a long and strenuous process. In addition to revamping the interior and the engine compartment, a restoration project requires hundreds of concours correct Mustang body & sheet metal parts of all sizes, including quarter panel extensions.

Because they are such vulnerable areas of the car, wouldn’t it be nice to have an extra layer of security around the rear of the vehicle? Well, that is where the Mustang quarter panel moldings and Ford Mustang quarter panel ornaments come into play! While it is common for Ford fans to attach Mustang moldings to their trunk lid, it is easy to forget about the quarter panel extension area. In an effort to provide the rear of your car with the ultimate protection possible, Mustang quarter panel moldings attach directly to the quarter panel extensions and assist in preventing any unsightly rust or corrosion that could harm your vehicle’s appearance.

Though Mustang quarter panel moldings are attractive in their own right, many classic pony car’s feature additional Mustang quarter panel ornaments, which provide the perfect aesthetic touch. Mustang quarter panel ornaments supply a dash of chrome to an often-neglected area of the car, while helping your First Generation Mustang recapture that vintage appearance that you know and love.

Since they are always in the line of fire from either the elements, road debris, or the effects of a potential collision, your factory Mustang quarter panel moldings and Mustang quarter panel ornaments could sustain a hefty amount of damage over the years. Over time, it is common for your original Ford Mustang quarter panel moldings to bend, split, or even fall off all-together. If your original exterior trim is damaged or missing from its original location, it would be a good idea to start shopping around for new Mustang quarter panel moldings and Ford Mustang quarter panel molding ornaments.

Buy Mustang Quarter Panel Moldings & Ornaments From CJ Pony Parts

If you are restoring your classic Ford Mustang, all of the little pieces matter. Sometimes, those small, yet noticeable pieces can truly set your pony car apart from the pack, while helping your vehicle achieve that classic-look that will certainly turn heads. One of the best ways to help return your car to its original condition is to acquire as much OE Mustang exterior trim as possible. Luckily for you, CJ Pony Parts offers a wide variety of quarter panel moldings for Mustangs, as well as Mustang quarter panel ornaments. Be sure to note your vehicle’s year and model before you purchase any Ford Mustang quarter panel moldings or Mustang quarter panel ornaments from CJ’s.

CJ’s features a diverse array of Mustang quarter panel ornaments that can make the perfect final touch to your newly-restored pony car. Because two is always better than one, CJ Pony Parts sells its Ford Mustang quarter panel ornaments in pairs, so that both sides of the car get the equal amount of TLC. These OEM-style Mustang quarter panel ornaments are chrome-plated, just like the original factory emblems. CJ Pony Parts supplies all of the necessary mounting hardware so that you can install your new Ford Mustang quarter panel ornaments using the OE factory holes!

Like the Ford Mustang quarter panel ornaments, two Mustang quarter panel moldings are required per car in order to strike a perfect balance. CJ Pony Parts sells Mustang quarter panel moldings for both the passenger and driver sides of certain Mustang coupes, convertibles, and fastbacks. These Ford Mustang quarter panel moldings follow the trim line of the trunk molding, and extends around the end of one quarter panel, and down towards the bumper. Be sure to note if the mounting hardware is included or not before you purchase any of these premium Mustang quarter panel moldings from CJ’s.

Now that your quarter panel extensions are in top shape, it’s time to draw attention to the rest of your exterior trim. While you’re on the site, feel free to browse through CJ’s selection of Mustang gas caps, exterior door handles, and more!