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Are you in the process of restoring your First Generation Ford Mustang? If so, believe it or not, there is more than one route that you can take! Many Ford owners insist on restoring their classic pony cars with nothing but OE components, but that is not for everyone. A fully rebuilt stock Mustang looks great on the outside, but they may not be as much fun to drive in the present day.

Whether it be the outdated drum brakes up front, the floaty suspension system, or the dim yellow lights, many Mustang parts that were prominent in the 1960s are rather dated in the New Millennium. Similarly, between the manual braking and manual steering systems, drivers of stock First Generation Mustangs will have to exert far more effort than they should when turning or stopping the vehicle.

Fortunately, there is a way to modernize an older Mustang without sacrificing too much of the vehicle’s vintage appearance. This is called Restomod! The definition of Restomod is to add modifications to help increase the safety, performance, economy, comfort, and drivability of your Mustang. When the word Restomod comes to mind, most people think about modern styling on an older vehicle, and the trend has grown in popularity within the Ford Mustang community over the years.

A Mustang Restomod project combines the best of both worlds by introducing a little modern flair to your classic vehicle, while still maintaining its old-school integrity that you originally fell in love with many years ago. Scatter shooting across the Mustang’s body, there are a host of Restomod upgrades that can help improve all three areas that were addressed earlier. Making the switch from drum brakes to disc brakes will vastly increase your muscle car’s stopping power while reducing the risk of brake fade at the same time.

In the same neighborhood, you are free to add larger wheels to your First Generation ‘Stang if you so choose. When outfitted with the right aftermarket tires, the bigger rims can significantly enhance your car’s appearance, while leading to greater performance driving opportunities down the road. Speaking of the vehicle’s drivability, automotive suspension technology has come a long way since the mid-1960s. Many Restomod suspension parts are more durable, which will keep your ride more stable during cornering, as well as driving in a straight line.

In short, the list of benefits in which a Restomod rebuild offers is seemingly endless. Whether you are in the heart of a full restoration or if you simply want to add a few bells and whistles, you cannot go wrong with new Mustang Restomod parts!

Find the Best Mustang Restomod Parts at CJ’s

Very few (if any) car parts are meant to last forever and if your First Generation pony still has many of its factory components, chances are that the vehicle is in need of some major TLC. Though your stock parts will serve you well for many years, routine damage from the elements and road debris, as well as everyday wear and tear will eventually win the way. Failure to address any weather-related issues on the exterior can lead to rust or corrosion if you are not careful.

Rather than replacing your damaged factory parts with strictly OE reproductions, why not give something else a try? With that in mind, CJ’s is proud to be your one-stop-shop for the best Mustang Restomod parts & accessories around! Because we want to ensure that your muscle car is built to last, CJ Pony Parts only carries Mustang Restomod upgrades from the most trusted names in the industry.

In order to appeal to a wide range of needs, CJ’s offers a broad selection of Ford Mustang Restomod parts, including exterior, electrical/wiring, exhaust, trim, heating/cooling, rear axle, and transmission components among others. Along with all of the aforementioned mods, LED lights are some of the most popular Restomod parts out there, and CJ’s offers a number of aftermarket lighting solutions that will light up your First Generation Mustang like never before!

Similarly, if you want to enjoy the latest entertainment capabilities inside your vehicle, CJ’s sells a host of interior mods that can maintain the cabin’s vintage appearance but allow you to enjoy all of the modern sound options of today. Be sure to note your classic’s correct year as well as any specific fitment requirements before you make your final purchase.

What are you waiting for? Head over to CJ’s for the best Mustang Restomod parts on the market today!