2020 Ford Super Duty Trucks

2020 Ford Super Duty Trucks

Last Updated March 3, 2022 | Andrew Boyle

The 2020 Ford Super-Duty trucks prove that just because you're the best doesn't mean there isn't room for improvement. Ford's F-250, F-350, and F-450 trucks dominate the heavy-duty pickup sphere. Despite consistently high-reviews, Ford isn't going to let a year pass without making significant changes. This year sees some performance improvements as Ford struggles to maintain its grasp on the highest conventional, gooseneck, and fifth-wheel tow rating for their increasingly competitive class.

It's not just the performance that sees significant improvements though. Ford has also improved the features that are offered on these trucks, incorporating the newest technology into their rugged trucks with ease.

2020 White F-350 on construction site

2020 Ford Super Duty Engines

The 6.2L V8 remains unchanged for this year, but it's joined by a slightly more exciting 7.3L V8 as well. The 7.3L is meant to act as a middle-ground in between the tried and true 6.2L and the 6.7L Power Stroke Turbo Diesel. In that regard, it's a huge success. You can upgrade any of Ford's Super-Duty trucks to the 7.3L.

The 7.3L chugs out a hardy 475 lb-ft of torque. While this doesn't come close to matching the 1,000 lb-ft of torque that the 2019 Ram HD offers, it's more than enough torque to secure the towing capacity lead that Ford, and most of their fans, care about.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the new 7.3L engine though is that it ditches the dual overhead cam technology that we've been seeing in engines since the late '90s and replaces it with a new take on the older overhead-valve design of old.

Despite using older camshaft placement, Ford keeps port injection and variable valve timing, maximizing the power that the 7.3L can produce.

2020 Ford Super Duty Engines
6.2L V8 385 hp @ 5,750 RPM 430 lb-ft @ 3,800 RPM
7.3L V8 430 hp @ 5,500 RPM 475 lb-ft @ 4,000 RPM
6.7L Power Stroke Diesel 450 hp @ 2,800 RPM 935 lb-ft @ 1,800 RPM

The Power Stroke engine that will be offered on the 2020 Ford Super-Duty trucks is the third generation of this popular diesel engine. Now with all-new fuel injection system, 36,000 psi of pressure is used to precisely distribute fuel. It can apparently spray up to 8 times per stroke, which is supposed to not only improve combustion but limit noise. Additionally, the Power Stroke diesel engine uses a variable-geometry turbocharger that helps even the largest vehicles feel quick and responsive.

Beyond the engines themselves, the exterior of the 2020 Ford Super Duty trucks has been altered to improve performance as well. For example, DRW trucks have a redesigned grille that is designed to maximize airflow to keep the powertrain from overheating. The LED headlamps have been redesigned as well to improve performance and the front bumper has been tweaked to both increase airflow as well as making the use of utility hooks simpler and easier.

The result of all of this engineering is a best-in-class towing capacity. Though your hitch-type affects how much you can tow, with a gooseneck trailer the Super-Duty can tow a max of 37,000 pounds. With a more conventional towing apparatus, it can still tow 24,200 pounds with a diesel engine. It's a great achievement, and definitely exceeds the towing needs of most Super-Duty users.

New Super Duty Engine Information

New 2020 Ford Super Duty Transmission

Each of these engines can be mated to the TorqShift 10-speed automatic transmission, an upgrade from the six-speed that's standard for most engines. With a wider range of gears, towing performance increases. Even though there are more gears in the new TorqShift transmission, it only weighs an additional 3.5 pounds when compared to the previous 6-speed.

2020 Red F-250

Whether you opt for the ten-speed transmission or have the nicer version of the six-speed, you'll have access to live-drive. This means that the driver can engage any auxiliary industrial equipment (like a plow) while the vehicle is in motion. There are also a number of drive modes available with the new TorqShift transmission. The driver has the option to select either normal, haul/tow, eco, slippery, and deep sand or snow to optimize their trucking experience. With 10 gears at the computer's disposal, you will always be in the optimal gear for whatever driving scenario you find yourself in. This is essentially the same technology used on the F-150 Raptor but for work instead of play.

2020 Ford Super Duty Tech Options

The 2020 Super-Duty trucks also come with a whole new level of technological advances and refinements that help with comfort and productivity. Although truckers pride themselves on their ability to navigate their vehicles like a second skin, the new Super-Duty trucks make backing up with a trailer even easier with the Pro Trailer Backup Assist feature. This allows the driver to have fine control over the vehicle in reverse by using a special dial and the backup camera to navigate the trailer with ease. This technology works with every style of towing, from gooseneck to fifth wheel setups.

Additionally, an embedded 4G LTE modem helps keep you connected at all times and allows up to ten devices to connect to the internet with the built-in FordPass Connect system. If you ever find that your phone is running out of juice, the 2020 Super Duty trucks are armed with a series of USB-C charging ports as well.

There are a number of other safety features available on the 2020 Ford Super-Duty trucks. There’s lane-keep assist, blind-spot monitoring that monitors the space occupied by the trailer as well, and pre-collision assist with automatic emergency braking.

2020 Super Duty luxe leather interior

The interior of the Limited trim has been redesigned, too. Leather plays a big role in this new interior, as well as other premium materials such as coarse ash wood, Miko suede, and brushed aluminum.

The 2020 Ford Super Duty trucks are slated for release this fall. Ford has consistently proved that they know how to make a truck, and this should be no exception. "Built Ford Tough" isn’t just marketing jargon, it’s their genuine credo.

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2020 Ford Super Duty Trucks

Ford's Super Duty trucks are ready to take back the title of best in class towing. With a powerful new 7.3 L V8 engine, a 10-speed transmission, and numerous other upgrades and tweaks, the Super Duties are ready to reclaim their spot as the most capable work trucks on the market today.

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