Is This the Upcoming 2021 Ford Ranger?

Is This the Upcoming 2021 Ford Ranger?

Last Updated February 5, 2020 | C.J. Tragakis

February 25th, 2019 - Ford Confirms Leaked Image is Their Truck

Unless Jalopnik is being pranked in an elaborate hoax, it has been confirmed that the leaked images do in fact depict a prototype Ford pickup truck, most likely a 2021/2022 Ranger. A lawyer claiming to represent Ford asked the website to take the images down, noting that the photos were not authorized to be released by the company.

Barring the even more unlikely event that this is a further effort to surreptitiously drum up publicity for the new truck, it also could mean some negative effects for current Ford Ranger sales. The notion that a confirmed redesign is on the way in just a few years could sway buyers that are on the fence to wait for the new truck to come out.

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February 20th, 2019 - Leaked Images Possibly Show 2021 Ford Ranger Pickup

2021 Ford Ranger Leaked Photo
This shot of what is purported to be the 2021 Ford Ranger is the best look we have at the new truck. Image originally from Wheels Magazine.

Do these leaked images show the impending 2021 (or 2022) Ford Ranger pickup truck? Coming from Wheels Magazine out of Australia, they’ve caused a lot of buzz as people speculate about the next generation of Ford’s compact pickup.

Though a large percentage of truck shoppers might not be aware, it’s not exactly a secret that the new 2019 Ford Ranger released in the U.S. is based on a platform that has been sold around the globe since 2015.

There’s been no official confirmation as to whether this truck is actually the new 2021 Ranger or even a Ford at all. That hasn’t stopped some publications from running declarative headlines and stating that this vehicle is definitely the next Ranger. We’re inclined to agree, but we’re going to stay cautiously skeptical until more information comes out. The truck shown doesn’t even have side mirrors on it (yet).

The truck definitely looks like it takes design cues from the most recent F-150, especially when we look at the grille and front fascia. This makes sense since the style there is much fresher than that of the current Ranger. The horizontal two-bar design, which obtrudes even further into the headlight area, looks like the next natural evolution of the current F-150 that was refreshed for 2018.

Although Chevy also uses a two-bar design across their new Silverado grille, the C-shaped headlights in the leaked image have their prongs facing inwards, as opposed to outwards like the Silverado. All of this lends further credence to the notion that this truck is, in fact, a Ford.

2021 Ford Ranger Rear Comparison
This shot of what is purported to be the 2021 Ford Ranger is the best look we have at the new truck. Image originally from Wheels Magazine.

If that’s not enough to speculate, there are some more small details that stand out as potential indicators of Ford truck design

  • The lines of the hood, A-pillar, and windows are all reminiscent of the current Ranger
  • The wheel arches look similar in terms of shape and coloration
  • The spoiler-like flaring of the top of the tailgate is in line with the current Ranger’s design
  • The presence of two discrete white rectangle elements in the taillights mirrors the current Ranger’s design
  • The side vent is vaguely reminiscent of that seen on the F-150 Raptor and Ranger Raptor, albeit of a different size and angle
  • The fog lights and housings look most similar to the 2019 Ford Ranger
  • The design cues of the bumper look similar to the current Ranger
  • The shape of the rear window and design of the black strips looks like the current Ranger
  • The evenly-laid-out pattern on the side steps is similar to current Rangers

There are a couple of things that stood out as being not in line with current Ford design. One is the wheels, which use a split-five-spoke design instead of the Ranger’s current even-spoke variations. Another is the integrated bedstep, which is something that has been touted by Chevy (although they don’t look to have a patent on that feature). Neither of these is a dealbreaker, and could easily be part of the Ranger’s next-gen evolution.

Finally, though the front emblem is covered up, you can just barely see the chrome outer edges on the top and right side. To this author’s eyes, it looks like an oval, which is another sign pointing to Ford.

While other new trucks that we soon expect to see include the new Nissan Frontier and maybe a Dakota-type truck from Dodge, this vehicle just doesn’t look like it comes from those marques. The rear has a little bit of Dodge Ram to it, but the front doesn’t look like something FCA would do with a truck, given the new personality of the 2019 Ram. Another possibility is that this is a concept truck from a Chinese manufacturer that has taken cues from several existing pickups.

So, is this a deliberate teaser from Ford or a sneaky, unintended leak? It’s often hard to tell these days, but our money would lean towards the latter. Given the odd composition of the photos and low resolution (especially the rear view), we think that these are true spy shots.

Moreover, while 2019 Rangers have been selling like hotcakes since their release, it is possible that the hype and excitement of a redesign could put a damper on sales until it comes out, as consumers opt to wait for the new and improved model. Either way, there’s sure to be a lot of excitement amongst truck fans and Ford enthusiasts with this new sneak-peek. If this is the new Ranger, that would also have implications for the upcoming Volkswagen Amarok, as Ford and VW announced a future partnership on pickup trucks.

Image Credit: Wheels Magazine | Motor Trend

Is This the Upcoming 2021 Ford Ranger?

Images released by the Australian publication Wheels Magazine allegedly show the upcoming 2021 Ford Ranger. Do these spy shots give us an idea of what the new model will offer, or is this an unforeseen rival that will soon compete in the compact pickup market?