5 Cheap Mods to Improve Your Focus ST

5 Cheap Mods to Improve Your Focus ST

Last Updated March 14, 2024 | Bill Tumas

Although Ford no longer produces the Focus ST, these pocket rockets remain an impressive bargain. These cars are great for budget-minded car enthusiasts who still want spectacular performance. Today, we're going to discuss five cheap Focus ST mods that will drastically improve the driving experience of your ride and are all priced under $500!

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Aftermarket Motor Mount

The rear motor mount on the FoST is made of rubber which causes it to flex considerably and reduce traction due to wheel hop. Because wheel hop is a common issue with front-wheel drive cars, a high-quality motor mount will help put the power to the ground and make the car perform much better.

Mechanic installing an aftermarket motor mount

Installing an aftermarket motor mount is a relatively easy job that doesn't require a professional, so you don't have to worry about installation fees at a shop or dealer if you'd rather do it yourself. Coming in at less than 150 bucks, it's a worthwhile mod for any Focus ST owner.

Short Shift Plate

A short shift plate is a device that reduces the amount of throw necessary for changing gears without the need to replace your stock shifter assembly. In order to attach a short shift place to a Focus ST, you'll need to remove the intake to get to the transmission. While this may sound challenging, a beginner mechanic can easily do it.

Mechanic installing a short shift plate

A short shift plate is going to make your shifts feel shorter and more precise, leading to a more enjoyable driving experience. You can pick one of these up for less than a hundred dollars making it a no-brainer for any ST owner. If you want to spend a bit more money, you can also upgrade to a short throw shifter kit. Check out this article showing you how to install a short throw shifter.

Oil Catch Can

Mechanic installing an oil catch can

Oil catch cans, otherwise known as oil separators, help prevent oil and other contaminants from building up in your intake manifold. This helps your engine last longer and perform better. Catch cans are easy to install and can easily be found for around 150 dollars, making them a must for Focus ST owners.

High-Quality Blowoff Valve

Mechanic installing a blowoff valve

The factory blowoff valve of the FoST is located right behind the passenger-side front wheel and is made out of plastic. Because it's made of plastic, it's not very reliable and tends to break. A high-quality aftermarket unit can give you the turbo sound you're looking for but also do a lot better job at controlling boost pressure. This is another easy install that comes in around 175 bucks.

Gas Pedal Spacer

Mechanic installing a gas pedal spacer

While a gas pedal spacer may sound silly, once you drive a car that has one installed you'll understand. The factory gas pedal sits way below the brake and clutch. This makes heel-toe almost impossible. It's also very uncomfortable for normal driving. By installing a gas pedal spacer, you'll be able to drive more comfortably and spiritedly. You can pick one up for around 75 bucks and install is easy, making it a must-have for any Focus ST owner.

Quality Upgrades Don't Have to Break the Bank

The Focus ST is a great car from the factory because they're fast and handle well. While they're a ton of fun to drive, adding a few cheap and easy Focus ST upgrades can greatly improve its performance.

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