Top Ten Shades of Classic Bronco

Top Ten Shades of Classic Bronco

Last Updated June 12, 2023 | Andrew Boyle

The Ford Bronco can be an off-roader, a truck, or simply a stylish daily driver. Classic Broncos came in an impressive array of colors and color combinations. Though we have a comprehensive Bronco Paint guide, these are our picks for the top ten classic Bronco colors.

Bold Orange

Bold Orange Bronco with white roof and side stripes under a tree

While this hue of orange isn’t particularly bold, the way it looks on a Bronco is. The first thing you probably think of when you see a Bold Orange Ford Bronco is dreamsicle (especially with the Oxford White tu-tone roof). The light orange is cheerful and eye-catching, especially when paired with fall leaves. All in all, it’s a bold yet soft color that will turn heads.

Candyapple Red

Bright Red Bronco with White roof in parking lot

Candyapple Red is a classic shade for a lot of Ford vehicles, like the Mustang. It approaches the line of “speeding ticket” red but doesn’t cross it. This color is timeless and works well whether you want to preserve the vintage look of your Bronco or modernize it.

New Lime

Sideview of light green Bronco with Cream roof

This zesty shade of classic Bronco is another one of the inescapably food-themed hues. Like Bold Orange, New Lime borrows citrus inspiration for a playful look. New Lime looks great paired with any shade and is especially eye-catching when contrasting with a white or cream roof.

Carribean Turquoise

Front view of a turquoise blue Bronco

As the name implies, this color is pleasantly tropical. This brilliant shade of turquoise is bold and impossible to miss. It's a deeply saturated hue that falls in-between blue and green and is a little too candy-colored to be oceanic. This color pairs especially well with black accents.

Calypso Coral

Light red classic Bronco with white roof

Calypso Coral is in some ways the sister color to Caribbean Turquoise. These tropical-colored Bronco colors help to convey the outdoor-loving and fun-having spirit of the Bronco and would look at home on any beach. Calypso Coral is a light red, but its orange undertone gives it a fiery look.

Estate Green

Dark green topless Classic Bronco

This color reflects a whole other side of the Bronco’s personality. While other colors accentuate its playfulness, and its ability to be both functional and fun, Estate Green screams business. This is the color of a Bronco that tears through the woods, over steep rock formations and deep mud. The Estate Green looks more at home in the backwoods than on a beach, but it's still got the "go anywhere and do anything" aspect of the Bronco that we love.

Even though this is a rather deep shade of green, it doesn’t seem like a slightly off shade of black like some other deep colors do. All in all, this a beautiful, serious, and professional color that doesn’t sacrifice looks.

Grabber Blue

A medium blue classic Bronco with a white roof parked in a driveway

Grabber Blue is another shade that's become iconic for Ford vehicles. It's been used on Mustangs and trucks over the years, and it looks equally at home on either. It’s no surprise that the Bronco isn’t an exception to this rule. This shade of blue is so intense it’s difficult to not notice. You can even say that it grabs your attention.

Springtime Yellow

Classic Bronco with Springtime Yellow Paint

This is the color for a classic Bronco enthusiast who isn’t afraid to rock the look of the past. There are some serious '60s “flower-power” vibes coming from this dandelion-esque hue. Sure, these are all words that are not often used to describe the appearance of a tough 4-wheelin’ vehicle. However, it is a classic color. Not only does it look great with the tu-tone Oxford White roof, but it lets everyone who sees it know that it is a true relic of the past.

Raven Black

Black classic Bronco with white fender flares

Raven Black is a dapper shade for any vehicle, but it especially suits the Bronco. This shade really highlights the rugged truck-ness of classic Ford Broncos. While bright colors look great on a Bronco, this deep reflective shade of black slims down the Bronco’s appearance. While the boxiness of the classic Bronco is a part of its charm, there’s nothing wrong with wanting a sleek and muscley truck.

Caramel Bronze

Classic Bronco with Caramel Bronze Paint

There sure are a lot of dessert-themed classic Bronco colors. Just like its namesake though, the Caramel Bronze paint color is a smooth one. This classic Bronco hue marks the edge of what could be considered a "professional" color for a vehicle. All in all, Caramel Bronze is the tuxedo t-shirt of classic Bronco colors, it is simultaneously formal and fun.

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