Best Trucks at SEMA 2018

Best Trucks at SEMA 2018

Last Updated August 8, 2023 | Meghan Drummond

SEMA 2018 brought an amazing array of trucks, with something for every truck fan. Whether you prefer Ford, Chevy, or Ram there are trucks sure to impress anyone. It’s no secret that trucks are some of the most popular, and practical, vehicles in America, but at SEMA we also get the opportunity to appreciate how customization and modification can make trucks stand out from the crowd.

SEMA’s both a showcase and a playground for customizers, all eager to show what customization options are available for trucks today. Lowered or lifted, custom-painted concepts or faithfully restored classics all find an appreciative audience in Las Vegas at this one-of-a-kind trade show. Some incredible trucks have made their way to SEMA this year. These are some of our favorite trucks from SEMA 2018.

A bright blue classic Ford Ranger.

With all the new Rangers, it was great to see some restored older models like this bright blue classic. The copper wheels and lowered suspension give this older car a modern edge.

A bright red Chevy Silverado with black accents.

This bright red Chevy Silverado Z71’s black fender flares and hood protector give it a polished edge, and that light bar is great.

A bright yellow F-250 with the words Baja Boss on one side.

Though this Ford F-250 is primarily showcasing its Baja Boss 24” wheels, we love this truck’s look for a lot of reasons. From its sunny paint color to its ultra-duty grill protector, this pickup truck demands attention.

A vintage Chevy that’s been lowered.

There were a few slammed pickup trucks, but few achieved the same level of lowered as this vintage Chevy Custom Deluxe.

A matte blue Chevy Silverado.

Westin’s bumper protector and light bar look incredible, and we love the matte blue, black, and white color scheme of the Silverado.

A bright red Chevy Silverado that’s been lowered.

This bright red Silverado has been lowered nearly to the floor and the chrome wheels add to the glossy look of the truck.

A matte black Chevy Silverado with its front tires parked on rocks.

This truck’s entire design points you exactly where you should be looking—at the Superlift suspension and Bodyguard protector on this Silverado.

A dark grey Ford F-150.

This F-150’s custom paint and riveted fender flares already make it stand out from the crowd. But the lift kit, roof rack, wheels, and light bars are all great and practical customizations.

A bright white GMC Sierra with a bright red M on the side.

This GMC Sierra’s lift kit gives it enough ground clearance to really look at those wheels.

A dark grey customized Ford F-250.

This Ford Super Duty F-250 is an aggressive-looking truck. The T-Rex grill coupled with the Rhino guard gives it a distinct look, and lifts and lightbars make sure you know where to look.

A vintage blue Chevy with its hood propped open.

A classic Chevy in baby blue. Lowered and with fresh wheels and a matte bumper of course.

A grey and orange Truck with #ahbeef on the grill.”/></p>
<p>This off-road truck is still fresh from the Laughlin Desert Classic. If you want to see it in action you can find the driver, Justin Lofton on Youtube with the hashtag AhBeef. </p>
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It’s the little details on this one that really give it a polished and aggressive look. Plus the dark grey and orange look amazing together.

A red and white lifted pickup truck.

It’s impossible not to smile when looking at the smiley-faced Daylighters on this Ford F-250.

A dark orange pickup truck lifted with the word gladiator in gold on the grill.

There are lifted trucks and then there’s this. We’re just glad there are people in the picture to provide a scale to just how massive this truck is. Truly, a gladiator.

Lifted dark red pickup with Grid on the side and grill.

You might need a step ladder to get into this off-roader, but we get the feeling that it might be worth the effort.

Hoonigan’s heavily modified old pickup truck.

Hoonigan’s lowered and customized vintage Ford stands out in any crowd.

A classic Chevy in a bright orange with a white top.

This cheery orange classic Chevy is super sharp looking.

An army green F-250 with a face painted on the side.

A Marines Veteran, Dorian Reyna designed this truck which is titled “My Brother’s Keeper” to honor those who serve. Reyna is a vocal advocate for veterans and charities that help veterans. The classic military imagery used makes this a meaningful and attractive truck.

A bright white Ford truck with black accents.

The longer you look at this Ford Ranger, the more you’ll find to like. From the fender flares to the rocker moldings, this truck is loaded with custom parts. You can’t see the Fox coilovers, but trust us, they’re there.

A truck with Roush painted on the side jumping.

Of course, it’s always great to see these trucks do what they were meant to do.

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