Car Themed Baby Names

Car Themed Baby Names

Last Updated August 8, 2023 | Meghan Drummond

Car themed names for your baby girl or boy don’t have to be embarrassing. Auto history is full of unique and awesome sounding names, and we’ve compiled the top baby names for autophiles that your kid can be proud of. Just for fun, we’ve included a little about the history of each name.

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Best Boy Names

These are the ten best car themed boy’s names, in no particular order. Click on each name to learn more about where we found these and how they connect to auto history

Best Girl Names

These are the ten best car themed girl’s names, in no particular order. Click on each name to learn more about these name’s origins and their connection to the world of automotives

Best Gender Neutral Names

While many of the aforementioned names could work regardless of gender, these two in particular stood out as being great names for any gender.


Ranger means an outdoor protector, and it was a great choice for Ford’s midsize pickup, a popular vehicle for outdoor enthusiasts.


The Fox Body Mustang is a popular style for many reasons. The small and nimble style of this Mustang has made it highly desirable and a perennial favorite.


Really, either Monte or Carlo would make a fantastic name. The Monte Carlo was a two-door coupe marketed as a "personal luxury" car. Originally named after a city in Monaco, the Monte Carlo was a Nascar favorite in the early '70s.


Sure, wrangler is another name for a cowboy, but it’s also the name of one of Jeep’s most iconic off-road vehicles. In 2007, the Wrangler set the Guinness record for highest altitude achieved by a four-wheel vehicle when it summitted a volcano in Chile.


Most obviously, diesel refers to a heavy-duty internal combustion engine. Named after Rudolf Diesel, the engineer who created the first engine which would eventually go on to be commonly utilized in submarines, ships, locomotives, and trucks. Diesel engines are still popular today. Less obviously, Vin Diesel has become a huge part of car culture thanks to the Fast and the Furious movies.


The Ford Motor Company was originally named after Henry Ford, and has been around since 1903. Since then, Ford has created many iconic vehicles including the Mustang and F-150. In recent years, Ford has been used as a first name as well and is sometimes short for Clifford.

Cam (Camaro)

Sure, Cam is most frequently an abbreviated form of Cameron. But Cam on its own means either “orange” or “sweet” and both of those words sure are reminiscent of the Camaro, one of America’s favorite pony cars.


Jensen Motors was a sports car manufacturer in England for many years. Even though they’ve been dissolved for a while, the Jensen Interceptor is still just a cool car.


Ford’s luxury line also makes a great first name. This division of Ford was named after (not surprisingly) Abraham Lincoln. Henry Leland founded Lincoln Motor Company and named it after the first president he was able to vote for.


A lot of cars fall under the heading of "Mini Cooper" but the origin of the name Cooper comes from John Cooper, who saw the competitive potential of the little minis and endeavored to make them a high performance vehicle.

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We’ve written at length about the Shelby Mustang. Carroll Shelby lent his name to these cars and with it his unapologetic thirst for speed. The Shelby holds a special place in history and it’s a fantastic name as well.


The only Mustang to ever be listed in a movie’s credits, Eleanor is the name of the car in both the original 1974 film Gone In 60 Seconds and also the 2000 remake.


The Spanish word for mountain range is such a pretty name that it caused a legal battle between Dutton and Ford. In the end, both companies kept using it because it’s just a tough name to beat.


The Jeep Sahara is named after the world’s largest desert, and serves as a reminder of what Jeeps were originally made for:Facing the elements.


The Echo was one of Toyota’s first efforts to court a younger audience. Though it wasn’t a marketing success, the vehicle certainly had a great name.


Ruby Red Tint is one of the best 2018 Mustang colors, just as beautiful is its gemstone name. Brighter than Crimson and darker than Race Red, the Ruby Red color of the Mustang manages to be both head-turning and classy.


Mack Rice released his rhythm and blues classic in 1965, and it’s remained a perennial favorite (though the cover by Wilson Pickett became more popular). If it hadn’t been for Aretha Franklin, it might have been named “Mustang Mama” but Franklin suggested “Sally.”


The Chevelle was Chevrolet’s first foray into muscle car territory, and is still considered one of their best and most accomplished nameplates despite no plans to revive the line. As a name, it easily abbreviates to "Elle."


Ford’s Crown Victoria signaled the end of an era. The last body-on-frame, V8, rear-wheel drive American sedan, these became popular with police quickly. Because of the body on frame structure, they can withstand even heavy hits while remaining structurally sound.


Riley Motors quickly distinguished itself through innovation. By 1919, they’d introduced adjustable front seats (thanks Riley!) and a steering column. Riley’s wheels were so popular with other car manufacturers that they briefly considered focusing on wheels instead of autos. Though Riley no longer exists as a company, they made their mark on auto history.

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The Dodge Dakota was a midsize pickup that was manufactured for twenty-five years. It was one of the first midsize pickups available with a V8. The Dakota was loved for its flexibility, functioning as a comfortable pickup that served as a great daily driver, but was also a favorite of police and fire departments who used it as an off-road patrol car or even a brush truck. Like the truck, the name is flexible and works for any gender.


Kona Blue is one of the most popular colors of Mustang of all time, and with good reason. The gleam of these cars is spectacular. Interestingly the word "Kona" appears in almost every language (and means very different things) but judging from the shade of blue we’re willing to bet that Mustang had Hawaii’s Kona district and their clear blue waters in mind. Kona is traditionally used as a name for boys or girls in Hawaiian.

Hopefully our list helped you find a unique car-themed name for your baby. Be sure to check out our article on car seats for advice on how to keep your baby safe without sacrificing your sports car.

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