Gifts for Classic Mustang Enthusiasts

Gifts for Classic Mustang Enthusiasts

Last Updated July 20, 2021 | Meghan Drummond

As the holiday season approaches, many people are wondering what the Classic Mustang aficionado on their shopping list would most like to receive this year.

The universal appeal of the first-generation Mustang meant that a wide array of people loved them, both then and now. No matter the age, skill-level, or ownership stage that the enthusiast you’re shopping for is at, we’ve found a large enough array of presents we can say with confidence that you’re certain to find something on this list that they’ll love (and stay in your budget.)

Though some presents require a little technical knowledge, others have the same kind of broad appeal as the first Mustang.

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Classic Mustang Stocking Stuffers

If you’re looking for a stocking stuffer or inexpensive gift-exchange present, these are all perfect and don’t require you to ask any questions about their make and model that might give you away.

The Tri-bar logo makes for an eye-catching key chain, that will help designate their pony car keys and let everyone know exactly who’s driving that classic Mustang in the parking lot. Honestly, the tri-bar logo looks so good and iconic that it really adds a lot to just about any surface. Just look at this coffee mug! For someone who appreciates a little personal touch on their day-to-day necessities, it’s perfect.

For extroverts who are just dying to talk about their classic Mustang, these tee-shirts make a great conversation starter and are the perfect gear for checking out the local car show. For someone who wants to wear their Mustang accessories more frequently, a hat is perfect.

Classic Mustang Presents Under $30

A steel Mustang magnet can add a little flair to any surface, whether it’s a file cabinet, a fridge, or the side of a desk. If the person you’re shopping for does work in an office rather than surrounded by cars all day, then these Mustang-argyle dress socks add some fun character in a practical package.

On the other hand, if your Mustang enthusiast does get to work around cars all day, a fender cover is a great way to do a little under the hood work without accidentally damaging your paint. One of the great things about fender grippers is that they come in a wide array of designs, allowing them to be practical and personal. Whether you think they’ll like the style of the more classic Mustang or this creative flaming one, either will be able to do its job while looking great.

If you aren’t also a Mustang enthusiast, this plaid tote bag may look out of place, but trust us, it’s not. Classic Mustangs used to come with kits like this to keep in the trunk. It’s a little vintage flair redone with modern sturdiness and durability.

Classic Mustang Presents Under $50

Front View of a white 1966 Mustang

The plaid theme of the classic Mustangs carried into the trunk as well and this plaid vinyl trunk mat is a dead ringer for the original. It’s cut to fit perfectly into the trunk, with no additional modifications necessary.

If you’re shopping for someone that would be thrilled to wear their Mustang enthusiasm on their sleeve but prefers something a little different than your standard shirt, this Mechanic’s shirt is a fantastic selection. Its durable material and Mustang-oriented details make it stand apart from the rest.

If you know they’re working hard on their vintage restoration, this high-performance air cleaner will make sure their engine can breathe happily.

While chrome valve covers don’t offer a whole lot in terms of performance benefits, they do add a lot of underhood dress-up style, great for someone who looks forward to popping their hood to show off what they’re working with.

Finally, this export brace is great for someone who plans to get out there and drive their classic Mustang through all the twisties they can find. By creating a point of connection between the strut towers, the brace can improve cornering.

Classic Mustang Presents Under $75

Ford Performance parts are some of the best out there, and these chrome valve covers are incredibly attractive. If they’re for sure going for Mustang-restoration-show quality, then battery cables are one of those little details that some judges love to see under the hood.

Engine fans and master cylinders are good practical parts, especially for someone who’s still in the process of renovating their project car.

And honestly, shifter handles are a great buy. If their classic Mustang somehow has the original shift knobs that it came with, they are well on their way out by now, and upgrading them ensures a much better feel than trying to get by with the old one while it slowly falls apart.

Classic Mustang Presents Under $150

If you’ve heard the person you’re shopping for lament their parking lot woes and tribulations, a block-it cover will help them keep their Mustang a little safer no matter where they’re parking it. Unlike some car covers that are designed to be “universal” a cover designed specifically for their vehicle makes sure that it’ll fit perfectly.

It’s no secret that enthusiasts sometimes get so concerned with what’s under the hood that they forget to make their interior restoration as authentic and like-new. While the mechanics of a car are always the most important part, there is nothing wrong with making the interior comfortable.

Dash pad reproductions allow them to get that like-new feeling of running their fingers across a new dashboard, without the painful detailing process that would normally require. It’s a perfect reproduction, as well, so not only will it fit beautifully but it also will look exactly the way they’ve envisioned it.

These floor mats come in twelve different colors to perfectly match their original carpet, and the tri-bar logo looks great on all of them. Floor mats can be a kind of “ho-hum” present, despite their utility. But by getting floor mats that are a perfect match to their existing interior and with a Mustang logo, it’s clear that you were thinking specifically of them when you picked these out.

A classic console not only gives them cupholders, a must for anyone who wakes up early to make it to an early car show and needs a little caffeine on the way. The center storage makes sure that they’ll always have what they need convenient.

Classic Mustang Presents Under $300

If the person you’re shopping for has let you drive their Mustang, you may have noticed a less-than-responsive brake pedal. If it felt like you had to ram it into the floor and you’ve been worried about their safety ever since a master brake cylinder makes for a thoughtful present.

Because brakes get worse slowly over time, many don’t notice how bad theirs have gotten until they’re gifted a new brake cylinder and get to feel a responsive brake.

If your Mustang enthusiast loves to pop open their hood, this black and red engine dress-up set gives them everything they need to create a jaw-dropping appearance. This one includes valve covers in addition to an air cleaner, along with the fasteners they’ll need to attach them.

Steering wheels can get gross, so replacing them from time to time is a good idea. In particular, replacing their old steering wheel with a new GT350-style woodgrain steering wheel allows them to experience the same feeling someone would have if they purchased a vintage GT350. You can get this steering wheel with a billet horn, or with a logo center. The logo option allows you to select a Cobra or a Mustang, as well as a plain black option.

This Covercraft Block-it is a solid choice even for someone who frequently leaves their Mustang outside, and with the tri-bar logo they won’t need to pull it off to show everyone they’ve got a Mustang under there.

Classic Mustang Presents Under $500

This universal harness is complete with twelve-fuses. That allows it to operate everything from the headlights and turn signals to the ignition and starter. For many enthusiasts working through their perfect restoration, this piece is the magic problem-solver, allowing them to finally get the electronics of their car up and running.

A complete bumper kit is perfect for replacing one of the parts of an original Mustang that tends to be plagued the most by minor dents and dings as well as rust. Putting a new bumper on really adds a little shine to any exterior restoration project and is a huge time saver. In addition to including the bumpers themselves, it also includes the bolts that are necessary for installation as well as the brackets.

One of the less obvious parts of a classic Mustang that may start to show wear and tear is the front steering and suspension. Though the rust isn’t always visible, that doesn’t mean that it’s not negatively affecting the ride. If you haven’t figured out how to say that your Mustang enthusiast’s ride is a little less smooth than they believe, this kit will help fix the problem.

Even classic Mustang enthusiasts love exhaust modifications. The Flowtech dual exhaust kit is perfect for most classic Mustangs that have a dual exhaust and includes all of the parts that they’ll need to do a full replacement of their existing stock exhaust. It uses rumble mufflers, which have a two-chambered design that’s intended to replicate the grumble of a classic Mustang.

Even replacing the headers of a classic Mustang can have positive impacts on its horsepower and performance, not to mention the sound of the exhaust. These ceramic-coated Y-headers are designed to help dissipate heat and prevent rust.

Still Unsure?

If you’re still not sure, gift cards are another great option. CJ’s has gift cards starting at just $5, making them a great way to combine efforts for a group present. Gift cards can be a great way to let your loved one get exactly what they want and have the fun of picking their own classic Mustang parts.

CJ Pony Parts Gift Card

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Gifts for Classic Mustang Enthusiasts

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