How to Install 1964.5-1973 Mustang Kick Panel Speakers

How to Install 1964.5-1973 Mustang Kick Panel Speakers

Last Updated October 3, 2023 | Kevin Brent

Part of the enjoyment of driving is taking advantage of a great audio system. If you own a Classic Mustang, one easy way to immediately improve your sound system is to replace the factory kick panels with modern kick panel speakers. Positioned strategically at foot level, these speakers offer an immersive soundstage, enhancing clarity and delivering powerful bass response. Seamlessly integrating into your car's interior, kick panel speakers preserve vintage aesthetics while optimizing sound distribution. With easy installation and customization options available, this audio upgrade improves your daily drives and updates the visuals of a worn interior.

Our step-by-step Classic Mustang kick panel speaker installation guide gives you all the techniques and knowledge you need to update the kick panels on your Classic Mustang and get back on the road with a revitalized sound experience. Follow the steps below for a simple interior improvement that can make a huge difference for any Classic Mustang enthusiast.

1964.5-1973 Mustang Kick Panel Speaker Install Instructions

For this install, we chose custom Autosound kick panels with a 6 ½ inch speaker system for a 1967-1968 Coupe or Fastback Mustang. If your Mustang is a different model, make sure the kick panels you use are designed to fit your Mustang.

These kick panels are direct replacements that attach to the factory kick panel location. They feature a black plastic mold that can be dyed to match your interior color.

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Parts and Tools Needed:

  • Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • Adhesive Spray
  • Kick Panel Insulation
  • Scissors

Step 1: Assemble Hardware

Remove the kick panel and speaker from the package and locate all of the necessary hardware for installation, including any screws and wiring included with the kit.

Assembling classic Mustang kick panel speaker hardware

Step 2: Install Speaker Insulation

Grab a sheet of kick panel insulation and cut it so it conforms to the shape of the speaker panel. Make sure to cut out a section in the center so the insulation forms around the speaker. Remove the adhesive seal on the back and attach the insulation to the kick panel around the speaker. This will help lessen the flex of the plastic and stop unwanted noise or buzzing. Repeat this process for both kick panels.

Installing speaker insulation on a classic Mustang kick panel

Step 3: Remove Door Sill

Locate the door sill panel at the base of the inside section of the door. Remove the panel by unscrewing all nine Phillips head screws on each side. Repeat this process for the opposite-side door.

Removing the door sill on a classic Mustang

Step 4: Remove Factory Kick Panels

The original kick panels on your classic Mustang are held in place with two Phillips head screws located in the top-central and bottom-central sections of the kick panel. Remove the screws from both kick panels. There is a curved lip along the door's opening edge so, once the screws are removed, pull the panels towards the back of the car to release them.

Removing the factory kick panels on a classic Mustang

Step 5: Install Kick Panel Insulation

For additional help with cabin temperature and road noise, lay down adhesive spray on the areas of the kick panel around the speaker. Cut a sheet of Mustang kick panel insulation to match the size of the kick panel. Make sure the perforated center section of the insulation is over the speaker.

Installing kick panel insulation on a classic Mustang

Step 6: Connect Speaker Wire to Sound System

Fold the perforated opening in the insulation back. Run the speaker wire through the opening. Connect the speaker wires to the terminals located in the under dash wiring harness. Once they're connected, test the Mustang speakers before you finish installing the kick panels.

Connecting the kick panel speaker wiring to the sound system on a classic Mustang

Step 7: Install New Kick Panel

Install the new kick panel by pressing it in place over the door opening lip. The panel uses the pinch weld and door sill plate to hold it in position. If the connection is not as secure as you would like, mark the location of the factory screws and drill two small holes in the same locations on the new kick panel. Install two new screws to hold the panel in place.

Installing new kick panels on a classic Mustang

Step 8: Reinstall Mustang Door Sill

Reinstall the aluminum door sill on your Mustang by inserting it over the top of the kick panel. Reinstall each of the factory screws with a phillips head screwdriver and tighten them down. Repeat this process for the door sill on the opposite side.

Reinstalling the door sill on a classic Mustang

Upgrade the Rest of Your Mustang's Sound System

Upgrading your classic Mustang with new kick panels and speakers offers you better cabin sound quality, while adding a finishing touch to your Mustang's interior. The immersive soundstage, improved clarity, and powerful bass response will make your Mustang's audio system better than ever.

Kick panel speakers are a great start, but there are many other ways to improve the sound system on your classic Mustang. If you're looking to take your audio experience to the next level, check out our options for classic Mustang radios and speakers that maintain a retro look of your Mustang's interior, while offering compatibility with modern technology.

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