COBB Accessport Tuners Now Support Second Gen F-150 Raptors

COBB Accessport Tuners Now Support Second Gen F-150 Raptors

Last Updated March 3, 2022 | Andrew Boyle

After cutting their teeth on the Subaru tuning scene, COBB tuners could not resist the siren song of the EcoBoost engine and the immense performance capabilities of the Ford Raptor truck. While they have previously produced tuners for the Fiesta ST and the EcoBoost Mustang, it’s high time that they dipped their toes into the steadily growing truck market. Now, their newest tuner promises to unlock the full potential of the Raptor’s turbocharged direct-injection EcoBoost V6.

Black F-150 Raptor

Unleashing the Raptor

The COBB accessport is the best selling tuner for the second generation (2017+) F-150 raptors. This tuner can change settings previously unavailable to the driver within the Raptor’s ECU and unlock some of its hidden potential.

With the COBB tuner for the Raptor, several features are offered beyond the increase in power. The functions range from disabling the controversial auto start-stop function, to temporarily hobbling the Raptor to remove temptations from lead-footed Valets with Valet mode. There’s even a fuel pump control function that allows fuel to be manually drained from the engine, allowing for easy replacement of higher octane fuel. Additionally, certain functions like the variable pedal response can keep the Raptor within its stock capabilities whilst convincing your butt-dyno that it is indeed faster.

In terms of raw performance upgrades, the COBB tuner does not disappoint. For 93 octane fuel on a 2018 F-150 Raptor, COBB tunes raised horsepower and torque by approximately 18%.

Raptor Tuning Dyno Results

Fully Customizable Platform

The COBB tuner even has functions beyond modifying your Raptor at all as well. Given that it can be mounted a variety of ways inside your truck, the COBB tuner for second generations Raptors can simply be used as an additional gauge viewer. It can be used as a full-color digital screen for you to keep an eye on your boost, or give you insights on the optimal time to shift gears.

At the most basic level, the COBB tuner can be at the least be a stylish addition to your Raptor’s interior. With customizable bezels that can be removed and painted any color, you won’t have to worry about the tuner ruining the style of your truck. It's even possible to customize the Accessport's starting screen, having it flash a picture of your family or friends every time it boots up.

Mounted COBB Raptor Tuner

Ultimately, this is great news for second-generation F-150 Raptor owners. Even though the Raptor is already an off-road monster, there is always room for improvement. A tuner is the perfect way to expertly conduct the orchestra of parts under the hood, and COBB is certainly the company to do it.

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COBB Accessport Tuners Now Support Second Gen F-150 Raptors

The F-150 Raptor is one of the most exciting performance trucks out there. Now with the assistance of the COBB Accessport tuner, the Raptor can finally grow into its final form, a truly unparalleled off-roading beast.

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