Crew Cab vs Extended Cab

Crew Cab vs Extended Cab

Last Updated August 8, 2023 | Andrew Boyle

As more people use their truck for daily driving, truck manufacturers have offered an increasingly long list of cab configurations. If you're looking for the right size truck cab for your needs, it can quickly become overwhelming, especially as dimensions change over time. Two of the more economical options are Crew Cabs and Extended Cabs. Though both of these truck styles have a backseat, their layout is very different. Here's what you should know about each.

Extended Cabs

Extended cab is the name of a style of truck cab produced by Chevy and GMC for their Colorado and Canyon (respectively) Ford has a similar configuration that's referred to as the SuperCab, while Nissan refers to theirs as a King Cab. The Extended Cab isn't a full four-door cab, but it does still have smaller access doors.

The Extended Cab is the perfect choice for someone who primarily uses their truck for work and only plans to use the backseat sporadically. Extended Cab and SuperCab both hit the point home: This is a very large cab for people who usually only use the front seat, but it's not a true backseat, and though it can seat four in a pinch, it'll be a bit of a squeeze. Though the Extended Cab only comes with one-bed size, it's as large as the Crew Cab's long bed.

Blue Extended Cab GMC Truck
Extended Cab

Crew Cabs

A Crew Cab is a distinction that is used much more commonly used among truck manufacturers. Unlike the Extended Cab, which has small access doors, the Crew Cab always refers to a full four-door truck. For most manufacturers, Crew Cab is their standard four-door, and most manufacturers then have a larger size after that.

Crew Cabs are some of the most popular options for trucks currently. Now that trucks are more comfortable, most people see no need to have multiple vehicles and prefer to drive their truck whether they're picking up supplies for their next home project or picking up their kids.

White Crew Cab Chevy Truck

Extended Cab vs Crew Cab Dimensions
Dimensions2019 Extended Cab2019 Crew Cab
Front Head Room 41.4 inches 41.4 inches
Front Legroom 45 inches 45 inches
Second Head Room 36.7 inches 38.30 inches
Second Legroom 28.6 inches 35.8 inches

Though it can be frustrating that there's little standardization across truck cab names, this one's pretty easy to understand. If you want a little extension on your cab, you can supersize it, and live like a king. The Extended Cab, SuperCab, and King Cab configurations are best for one person who likes their space. On the other hand, if you're hauling a crew, it makes sense to get a Crew Cab.

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