F-150 Backup Camera Problems and Troubleshooting

F-150 Backup Camera Problems and Troubleshooting

Last Updated August 9, 2021 | Andrew Boyle

It’s hard to admit how much we rely on technology. Things that were relative luxuries even a few years ago are now absolute musts, especially when it comes to safety equipment. One such piece of technology is the backup camera. As of 2018, all new cars sold in the U.S. need to come equipped with a backup camera. Like it or not, a backup camera is now considered just as important a car part as seatbelts, airbags, and the rear-view mirrors whose jobs they sometimes usurp.

If you drive an F-150, then you know how convenient they can be. The F-150’s backup camera can help you back into tight spots dent and scratch-free, and, more importantly, it can help keep you from hitting anything or anyone in your truck’s blindspot. That all being said, it is quite a pain when your backup camera quits working.

There are a handful of reasons your F-150’s backup camera could be experiencing problems. If you’ve been experiencing any problems with your truck’s backup camera, then look no further than this guide.

Here are some of the main problems that drivers may experience with their F-150’s backup camera.

No Signal Detected: When the truck is placed in reverse, a message appears that says “no signal to rear-view camera detected.” For many drivers, this starts as an intermittent problem but may develop into a permanent issue.

Blue Screen: Some F-150's backup cameras will show a completely blue screen instead of what’s behind the truck. This problem can be intermittent or permanent.

What Could Be Causing Backup Camera Problems

Below are some of the potential reasons that your F150's backup camera isn't operating properly.

Faulty Camera Components

Although this is a frustrating thing to hear, the problem with your F-150’s backup camera could just be the camera itself. While there is a bit of randomness when it comes to technology failing, a broken rearview camera could be caused by a build-up of moisture, a collision, or factory error. If your camera has broken down shortly after purchasing your truck, there’s a chance that this part is still covered under warranty.

Ford Backup Camera Example

There are other types of problems that can occur with your backup camera after installing any components on your truck’s tailgate. Since the backup camera is mounted on the tailgate, any installation made in this area could unintentionally result in a malfunctioning camera.

Short or Blown Fuse

Like any other error with an electrical component in your truck, your backup camera’s failure to function could be caused by a short or a blown fuse.

In the case that it is a blown fuse, all you need to do is find the backup camera fuse in the fusebox and replace it.

If you suspect that the problem with your F-150’s backup camera is a short, then the process of fixing it is a tad more complicated. That being said, a short is a problem that can affect your truck's battery as well. For this, you will need a circuit test light and some way to insulate the wire. Start by disconnecting the negative terminal from your truck’s battery and placing one end of the test circuit on that terminal. On these systems, there will be a light that turns on to indicate a short. When normally testing your truck for a short, you would remove one fuse from the fuse box at a time and wait for the short indicator light to turn off. In this case, we only care about the backup camera.

If the light does turn off when the backup camera fuse is removed, then that is the location of the short. Now, finding the exact location of the short is a bit more of an involved process. A good start is carefully looking throughout the circuit to see if you can spot any exposed wires. If you do, then all they need is some insulation so that they don’t continue to leak.

Misaligned Shifter

Another reason that your F-150’s backup camera could be malfunctioning is that the shifter is misaligned. If your truck doesn’t know when you have placed your vehicle in reverse, then the backup camera won’t be displayed when backing out. You can check if this is the issue by checking the gear indicator light on your truck’s dash. If it doesn’t indicate that you an in reverse while you are, then the shifter misalignment is why your backup camera isn’t working.

While this is a simple fix, it does require that you remove some of the plastic shroud around the steering column. The position of the gear selector is determined by a small thumbwheel. To fix it, all you need to do is roll the wheel until the proper gear is selected.

This isn’t the sole problem that could exist in your F-150’s shifter linkage, but this is the most common by far.

If your backup camera isn’t still isn’t working after you’ve checked these potential issues, then you should certainly take it to the shop. At the end of the day, backup camera problems are more electrical than mechanical. Even if you are an experienced wrencher, you may not have the same amount of experience soldering, rewiring and rebooting. Regardless, CJ Pony Parts has the parts you may need to fix your F150’s backup camera. From fuses to replacement backup cameras, we’ve got what you need to get out of your driveway and back on the road.

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F-150 Backup Camera Problems and Troubleshooting

If your F-150's backup camera isn't working anymore, it can be a serious annoyance. From a blown fuse to a misaligned shifter, there are plenty of reasons why your truck's hindsight isn't 20/20 anymore.