F-150 Holiday Gift Guide 2019

F-150 Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Last Updated June 12, 2023 | Andrew Boyle

Trucks are more than just vehicles, they're a part of the family. Sure, that may sound a bit cheesy, but there's no overstating people’s attachments to their trucks. In particular, the Ford F-150 really demonstrates this infatuation. Its durability and power have inspired generations of truck enthusiasts, and, odds are, it has inspired someone close to you. This holiday season, be sure to get that F-150 enthusiast in your life something special.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for something as simple as a bed mat or as elaborate as a Roush cold air intake, this F-150 Holiday Gift Guide is the right spot to begin your search for the Ford truck fan in your life!

Stocking Stuffers: For The Ford Truck Enthusiast

Although F-150s are large, gifts for their owners don’t necessarily have to be. In order to help fill that fireplace-adjacent sock full of F-150 related goodies, we’ve gathered some of our favorite small gifts together for you. To learn more about each gift, simply click on each individual item to learn why it should occupy the stocking of that special F-150 aficionado in your life.

Gifts for that F-150 owner in your life don't necessarily have to be for their truck directly! Something as simple as a hat with the F-150 logo can help them express their truck fandom even when they aren't driving. Better yet, an F-150 water bottle can help keep them hydrated when they are on the go.

F-150 Gifts Under $30

The F-150 is the best-selling truck in the United States, which means that owners are always looking for ways to help their pickup stand out from the pack. If your loved one’s F-150 is otherwise stock, then a special tailgate lettering inserts or a raptor tire tread license plate can really distinguish their truck.

Personalizing your F-150 is much more than just making a fashion statement. If you've ever wandered around a parking lot looking for your vehicle, you'll know how frustrating it can be to not spot your vehicle. Make your loved one's F-150 stand out with some of these gifts!

F-150 Gifts Under $50

If that special truck owner in your life is proud of their aftermarket wheels, then a set of locking lug nuts is a great gift idea. With these, they can run wheels however flashy without fear of theft. Large wheels are undeniable attention grabbers, so with locking lug nuts, that special F-150 owner in your life can lay their worries to rest.

Even if they aren’t concerned about the safety of their wheels, there are plenty of fantastic interior mods that can make their truck more convenient. Gifts like a quick release strap can give fast and easy access to under-seat storage.

F-150 Gifts Under $75

Red F-150 In Nature

Although it seems relatively minor, a tailgate damper is a small gift that can go a long way. A smoothly lowering and raising tailgate is not only great for safety, but it looks fantastic. If that mod isn’t for them, however, then they may love a chrome side mirror cover. This part fits right over the existing side mirror and adds an extra bit of chrome reflection. It’s hard to go wrong with a little extra chrome!

A bug deflector can help keep the hood of their F-150 free from a mountain of bug corpses. If you’ve ever driven through a very buggy area, then you know how nasty the hood of your vehicle can get. With this gift, you will be saving your loved one the effort of cleaning their truck’s hood clean of insects.

F-150 Gifts Under $150

If that special truck owner in your life plans on heavily upgrading their F-150’s engine, then an oil separator is a must. Without it, oil manages to accumulate where it shouldn’t over time and can potentially cause serious damage down the road. With the gift of an oil separator, you can save them money in the long run.

If you do decide to gift your loved one an oil separator for their F-150, remember to remind them to empty out the oil it collects every now and then. Once they see how much it can catch, they will appreciate your gift all over again.

A window deflector is another deceptively useful mod. They allow the F-150's windows to remain a bit opened during the rain while keeping the cabin dry. These can be installed in seconds and can be enjoyed immediately.

The auto start stop system can be an annoyance for many F-150 owners. If you’ve heard that F-150 owner in your life grumble about this system before, buy them an auto stop-start eliminator kit. With this system, they can permanently disable the auto stop function on their F-150.

F-150 Gifts Under $300

F-150 SEMA Project

Gifts in this price range can provide serious benefits. From upgraded fog lights to a ford performance rear differential cover, each of these gift ideas for F-150 owners can seriously improve the looks and function of their truck. Many of these products were used to upgrade our 2017 SEMA truck. From the wheel well liners to the EcoBoost engine coil pack set, a lot of these products can truly transform your loved one's F-150 from a regular truck to an absolute beast.

These gifts don't just look cool! The Ford Performance rear differential cover, for example, looks killer under an F-150. However, it's also more durable than stock covers and has easy access valves for adding and removing differential fluid. Similarly, wheel well liners do both look fantastic and provide serious protection for their F-150 underbelly.

F-150 Gifts Under $500

Ford Raptor Steering Wheel

From a cold air intake to a safe box inside the vehicle, the gifts in this category are some of the best ways for that truck owner in your life (and their F-150) feel loved. There are many major aspects of their truck that they can upgrade with your gift that will keep them thinking of you all year long. For example, if you gift them a Ford Performance steering wheel, they can’t drive their F-150 anywhere without touching your present.

A cold air intake can add some serious oomph to their truck. These easy to install mods help their F-150 breathe easier. When combined with other upgrades like a tuner or an aftermarket exhaust system, a cold air intake works wonderfully. This is a gift they will surely be thinking about all year long!

CJ Pony Parts Gift Cards: For The Picky F-150 Owners

Gift cards aren’t lazy gifts at all! No one knows what their trucks need better than their owners. Instead of taking a plunge into a product you are unsure about, put that truck lover in your life in control. Starting at $5, you can select any whatever amount of gift card that you see fit. Just be sure to remind them to spend it all in one place!

CJ Pony Parts Gift Card

An F-150 can be whatever type of vehicle you want it to be, from daily driver to workhorse. Regardless of how that special truck driver in your life uses their F-150, there are great gifts out there for them and their ride. If none of the above gifts strike your fancy, then be sure to check out the rest of CJ’s great inventory of F-150 parts.

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