Ford Focus ST Wheel Guide

Ford Focus ST Wheel Guide

Last Updated June 13, 2023 | C.J. Tragakis

Focus ST Bronze Wheel from TSW

Although the Focus ST looks great right from the factory, many enthusiasts choose to add their own custom style with a new set of aftermarket wheels. Whether you want to stay with the Ford snowflake design, upgrade to some RS-style rims, or go a completely new route with a different brand, there are tons of great options to fit any style.

This guide will help you find the best wheels for your Focus ST, no matter what you’re looking for. 18” wheels, like the ones that came stock, make an easy switch that won’t even require you to get new tires. Or, you can upgrade to a larger 19” rim diameter, which provides more of a performance edge and even more street presence. Black wheels are very popular for the Focus ST, but it’s hard to deny the style of gunmetal gray as well.

Don’t forget to check out the options for wheel spacers and tires, to ensure that you get the stance, grip, and handling that you want out of your Ford hot hatch.

Best Focus ST 18-Inch Wheels

The wheels that come with the Focus ST from the factory are 18-inch, and that makes this size a popular choice on the aftermarket as well. The hardest part for the average enthusiast is deciding on a color, as matte black, gunmetal, and bronze all look amazing on the Focus. You’ll find a wide variety of spoke designs as well, with each offering a different type of style.

Best Focus ST 19-Inch Wheels

These 19-inch wheel options are larger than the factory set for the Focus ST, and the same size as the ones that come with the Focus RS. This bigger size gives you more of a focus on performance, without sacrificing the everyday practicality and comfort of Ford’s hot hatchback. You can find a variety of different designs, ranging from aggressive and race-inspired to sleek and sporty.

Best Focus ST Black Wheels

Ford Performance Black Wheel Focus ST

Black wheels are one of the most popular choices on the aftermarket, and they look great with any color Focus ST. You can opt for factory-style "snowflake-style" wheels from Ford Performance, including a Focus RS-inspired 19-inch option. There are also options from HRE, Voxx, and Niche, each providing a different look. Whether you want matte black or gloss black wheels, you’ll find some great options right here.

Best Focus ST Wheel Spacers

If you’re selecting larger wheels or just want to change your Focus ST’s stance, you can look at adding some wheel spacers. They’re an affordable option that will make a big difference in overall style and handling. Wheel spacers are a popular choice for enthusiasts because they offer a more aggressive look and eliminate the factory gap between the wheel face and fender lip. You can also add a set of hub centric rings that will help eliminate wheel vibration that can come with aftermarket rims.

Best Focus ST Wheel and Tire Packages

If you want to get new wheels and some performance tires in one fell swoop, we make it easy to get everything in one box. You won’t have to worry about installing and balancing your tires or trying to find a good set that will fit your new rims. Plus, you can select the exact specifications and tire type that you want, giving you the freedom to find the perfect set-up for your particular driving applications. No matter what type of performance and style you want for your Focus ST, you’re sure to find a wheel and tire combination.

No matter what type of style or performance you’re looking for from your hot hatch, CJ’s has what’s on your wishlist. Check out our full inventory of Focus ST parts to find a great selection of top-notch products.

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