What Is the F-150 Tonka?

What Is the F-150 Tonka?

Last Updated August 8, 2023 | Andrew Boyle

Your childhood dreams have come true. No, you can’t ride a T-Rex just yet (although you can ride a Raptor), but you can ride something equally fun. The Tonka Special Edition Ford F-150 looks like a large drivable Tonka truck because it is one. Made by Tuscany Motor Co., the custom car fabrication company responsible for the 2019 Harley Davidson F-150, this custom F-150 has been made in very limited number, making it one of the most expensive F-150s on the market currently.

Life Sized 700 HP Tonka

F-150 Tonka Exterior

Tonka has been the best selling toy truck since 1947, and in turn, is probably responsible for sowing the seeds for many future truck enthusiasts. Beneath the familiar yellow exterior is a Shelby supercharger powered 5.0-liter V8, which ends up capping around 700 HP. That’s right, this truck is comparable to a Hellcat. While this is impressive in its own right, it was a necessary addition to compensate for the lift kit that this F-150 comes with. There are also black powder-coated nerf bars to help you crawl up into this bad boy. In order to squeeze the most performance out of this life-sized toy, each of the truck’s systems has been professionally tuned by Tuscany Motor Co.

Life-Sized 700 HP Tonka

F-150 Tonka Interior

The inside, besides sporting an impressive amount of Tonka logos, has the standard factory leather seats. The windows are as legally tinted as they can be in all 50 states. The Tonka F-150 is also given a full 6-inch lift While these were only made in limited numbers, their high price point means that they can most likely be found at a dealership near you. If your childhood dreams still call out to you at night, you now have the power to silence them with a loud engine, and a paint job that’s even louder. As of now, the price of the F-150 Tonka is $110,000, surely not the price of any simple toy.

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