How to Lift Your Fox Body Mustang with Jack Stands

How to Lift Your Fox Body Mustang with Jack Stands

Last Updated August 8, 2023 | Hamilton Schutt

If you don’t have a full lift setup available, the best way to get your 1979-1993 Mustang off the ground is with a floor jack and jack stands. This guide will walk you through the sturdiest jack points and the most secure spots to put jack stands on your Fox Body.

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Fox Body Mustang Jack Points

Your Mustang’s manual has a list of recommended jack points, but these might not be ideal for more than simple maintenance, like changing a flat. If you plan on working under your Fox for extended periods of time, the diagram below highlights the sturdiest jack points. Using these recommendations will keep you safe and your car securely lifted.

Fox Body Mustang underside with jack and jack stand points labeled

Jacking Up Your 1979-1993 Mustang

Before you start, here are a few safety tips you’ll want to follow:

  • Make sure your Fox Body is on level ground to minimize instability while you work.
  • Put blocks or stoppers on the rear tires to keep them from rolling while you jack up the front.
  • Engage the parking brake to keep your rear tires from rolling while the front is lifted.
  • Lift the front first. Between the parking brake and the wheel chocks, the rear end is less likely to shift than the front end.

Please Note: The slots in the pinch welds are notoriously weak and should only be used for general maintenance.

Taking these precautions will keep your Mustang from falling off the stands or jack. Follow each of the eight steps listed below and your pony will be off the ground in no time.

Required Tools:

  • Floor Jack
  • Quality Jack Stands

Step 1: Align Floor Jack Under Front K-Member

Slide your floor jack under the front of the chassis. Position the jack saddle under the front K-member.

Floor jack positioned under front K-member

Step 2: Jack Up Front

Lift the front of your Fox off the ground making sure to use the full range of your floor jack’s handle. This will reduce unnecessary labor and strain.

Front of a Fox Body Mustang jacked up on the K-member

Step 3: Place Front Jack Stands

With the front lifted, place the first jack stand under the passenger-side frame rail. Then, place the second jack stand under the driver-side frame rail. Slowly drop the jack saddle down, making sure the stands stay securely in place.

Jack stands under the passenger and driver side frame rails

Step 4: Align Floor Jack Under Rear Differential

Align your jack’s saddle under the rear differential. You’ll want to center the jack on the pumpkin as much as possible to ensure it doesn’t slide off.

Jack positioned under the pumpkin on the rear differential of a Fox Body Mustang

Step 5: Jack Up Rear

Lift the rear end, making sure to use the jack handle’s full range so you don’t work harder than you need to.

Fox Body Mustang jacked up on rear differential pumpkin

Step 6: Place Rear Jack Stands

The safest place for the rear jack stands is on the rear axle tube. Place one stand under the driver-side tube and the other under the passenger-side tube.

Fox Body Mustang rear jack stands on axle tube

Step 7: Remove Floor Jack

Make sure the stands are in position, then slowly lower your floor jack’s saddle and move it out of the way.

Floor jack being lowered underneath a Fox Body Mustang on jack stands

Step 8: Make Sure Car Is Secure

Once your Fox is lifted off the ground, give the body a gentle shake. If the stands stay firmly in place and flat on the ground, you’re good to go!

Fox Body Mustang lifted on four jack stands

Stay Safe with a Solid Set of Jack Stands

Whether you’re lifting your Fox Body to avoid flat spots on your tires while in storage, or to mod your Mustang, a set of top-grade jack stands and a good jack are essential. Check out our car jack guide for tips on finding the best jack for your needs.

If you’re a multi-generational Mustang owner, be sure to check out our S197 and S550 lift guides to stay informed on the safest and most secure jack points for all your pony cars.

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